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"Amazon.com keeps 65% of the revenue from all ebook sales." Remaining 35% is split between the author and publisher, net of refunds, bad debt, and taxes. (See Amazon Terms sec. 5.4.1 Royalties) Amazon can AFFORD to give away Kindles at the distribution rates they charge. Apple OTOH can give larger royalties. Authors, authors, authors...
Good points. Myopia is another thing, so many literate folks become nearsighted. I wonder if the illiterate ever start needing eyeglasses? STFW, I encountered this study.
Nod nod. It's been years since I've used Notes but found it great for company e-mail and instant messaging, I remember the calendar wasn't such a hot feature but that's probably changed.Although Office is still the de facto desktop office suite, it's really becoming feature-heavy IMO, and the interface changes every few years.Perhaps Apple needs to release a PC version of iWork.
Nod.How many free readers would Amazon give away I wonder. Aren't there a lot of Prime subscribers? I'd buy one from eBay, to subscribe to newspapers.Give away the reader, sell the e-books?"Loss leader" is probably the concept here, you're right though, giveaways are done with software (eg, Google gives away everything for free) but hardware-wise I can't think of free giveaways to "sell razors," so to speak. I don't think it's illegal however.
Backlighting is my biggest peeve with LCD displays, I'm looking straight at a light source rather than reflected light (which is how we usually see).
iWithdrawal, that's all. Not surprised at the increased interest. There is nothing like the iPad currently on the market (not even the iPad itself.. ), but Apple better be thinking ahead to keep its lead.
Lower costs are another reason, it's software reuse. And multi-touchis innovative. OS X -based MacPads are only a few years away besides(not counting the unofficial Mac Tablet) .
Nod. iPad will /slay/ netbooks, nothing less, IMHO.Slightly smaller (and much lighter!) but bigger than iPod Touch would be more convenient, at least for me.Exactly, deja vu ala iPod, with Apple taking the lead (again).
Not a netbook killer by any means, Apple=1, Competition=0.
Netbook Killer iPad will spawn a category of lightweight tablet computing devices that will slay the market for netbooks, IMHO. Apple must stay ahead of these new tablets to maintain iPad's lead. New developments can include a non-tethered OS, sub pound weight, decrease in thickness, a smaller (more portable) screen and bezel, higher screen resolution, handwriting recognition, a front-facing video camera, and more storage and faster CPUs. Sight unseen, iPad's...
New Posts  All Forums: