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Hotcakes = $2 iPad = $499 Lack of OS X, otherwise, it's an overpriced but bigger iPod Touch.
* Digital TV reception built-in * Pen input (I know Steve Jobs dislikes stylii, but handwriting recognition or input is very useful) * $299 entry-level price spin-off of article Apple seen moving 2M iPads in 2010 before sales 'catalyst' emerges I'd like to add: * OS X
All the better, iPad 2.0 will have iSight!
Apple products cost money, people don't have infinite money, staying with a Powerbook G4 is smart until i5 Macbook Pros come out, because it drops all the prices on new and used Core 2 Duos MBPs. [QUOTE=TheToe;1564018]All for-profit corporations (including Apple) exist for one thing. To make a profit./QUOTE] Correct! A vendor, with products to sell. Just ask 'do no evil bs' Steve Jobs.Blu-ray can potentially store 50GB on dual-layered discs; depending on the title of...
I can't deny the convenience integration provides. At least Apple hasn't lost its identity while increasing marketshare, hopefully Steve Jobs' successors will continue his work, and not "sell out."
No kool-aid for me! Steve Jobs is a genious but Apple cannot survive without Adobe, Google, or Blu-ray IMHO.
Spoken like a true Burroughs salesman! Snoop Control Unit (SCU) - "Foshizzle!" LOLOLOL
Likes: + Form-factor, multi-touch Dislikes: - My hands will get tired holding that thing! - Seems underpowered (A4 chip? how much RAM, or is it XIP-execute in place, ie, RAM=storage) - Missing iSight - Not worth the media hype - People have already bought a netbook or kindle - $499???
My last minute predictions: * 80GB SSD * Name: Macbook Media * McGraw-Hill CEO penalized for breaking NDA * Touch-screen Macbooks and iMacs by year's end * iTunes rename to iMedia * Woz takes over Apple
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