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10.9.4 is a vital update if you operate a new Mac Pro and use Premiere Pro. The two were incompatible for many users, self included, when attempting to render sequences using Open CL. The machine would crash frequently, create glitches and strange patterns in video. For weeks, angry Mac Pro users, self included, reached out to Apple, Adobe or other users looking for a fix. With 10.9.4, it appears the fix has arrived. Thank you, Apple. Tom
From Raleigh, N.C., cellular Facetime is activated on my grandfathered unlimited data plan too. I wonder if it's snappier?
How about providing a 16 GM RAM option for the 13" rMBP?
Any idea when and how CS6 users will be able to download the update?
Bravo! Right on the mark!
Fuji: Fascinating camera designs, disappointing performance. Not surprised RAW support for their cameras is at the end of the to-do list for Adobe.
If you earn your living using this suite of products, they are tools of the trade. It's part of the cost of doing business. Each update provides more tools, more resources and greater capabilities. These resources help me do my job better and faster. I'm happy to pay for them.
When you make your living by the Mac, it helps to know the Pro will live too. How about it, Cupertino? Tom
I feel you pain. I'm wanting at least one last hurrah from Cupertino. Make it one helluva box! And snappier too.
New Posts  All Forums: