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Hey Apple, one more time on the MacPro for old time's sake?
I can dream, can't I?
It's been a long time since I bought a Kodak product, but I mourn their decline. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Starmite; the last, an Instamatic 304. Up until digital became the obvious choice for image-making, I continued by buy lots of Kodak film, especially Tri-X. I hope they find a way to turn things around, but progress can sometimes be cruel.
I must agree that the bashing is a bit strong. I've relied on Photoshop for years; sure it's a heavy program, but it's never let me down. When Apple turned out Final Cut X, I was grateful that Premiere Pro CS5.5 and the rest of the Production suite were available and reliable.
Look at Premiere Pro or After Effects - the skin of these applications is where PS CS6 gets its look, not Aperture. Tom
I'll give the IMAP on mail.me.com a try. Beat having to acclimate clients to another e-mail address, e.g gmail. Thanks for your help. Tom
I'm running Lion, 10.7.2. Just discovering my password has been rejected on my iPhone as well. Incoming mail server: p99-imap.mail.me.com Outgoing server: iCloud Tom
There's more: when I attempt to access mail via Apple Mail, my password is rejected. At the moment, contact via mail to and from the world is hit or miss. I'm a home-based business. I should know better than be "Mr. Early Adopter." Tom
Not good. I can access calendar and contacts, but not mail. I could for a while, but no longer. This is seriously uncool. Tom
I so agree with your prediction, and regret it at the same time.
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