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Not good. I can access calendar and contacts, but not mail. I could for a while, but no longer. This is seriously uncool. Tom
I so agree with your prediction, and regret it at the same time.
Nice job. I"m an Apple fanboy, but iBooks doesn't hold a candle to Kindle. This Web-based implementation is sweet!
Someone had to trademark "Snappier." Quick thinking! Hope I can use it without fee.
Downloading now. Sure hope Lion is snappier. Couldn't resist. Should have, I know.
Optimist that I am, I produced five three-minute videos for a client using FCP-X. It's not something I'll ever do again. Sure, FCP=X is fun. Sixty-four bit power, background rendering, the magnetic timeline and the metadata-based approach to bin management are innovative. But basic tools, such as keyframing within color correction, round tripping to audio programs, After Effects and even Motion have been eliminated or hamstrung. If Apple thinks functions within FCP-X...
The more the merrier, when it comes to providers of e-books. I've been an avid e-book reader since Sony introduced its first reader a few years ago. Today I read mostly e-books, and mostly from my iPad. I shop from Amazon, Barns and Noble and Apple. Amazon and Barns and Noble offer extensive libraries. Apple's reader has more sizzle but fewer books. Twenty-two percent? It seems a scant 22 percent when you can't find what you're looking for. I hope Google's entry...
I like bashing MS as much as the next Mac fanboy, but I must admit this latest version of Office is remarkable. I earn part of my living as a copywriter. For me and my clients, MS Word is a fact of life. I use another program, Scrivener, to center all my research and create drafts, but I export documents to Word before submitting work to clients. Office 2011 has learned a thing or two from Pages which is a good thing. Word opens much, much faster than previous versions. As...
I love the classics.
This bug has been bugging me since I became a Mac fan boy two years ago. I really, really want this problem gone.
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