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Downloading now. Hoping it's got the goods!
I want this thing. I bet it makes me snappier.
I too hope that the next version of FCP Studio isn't stripped of any of it's professional features and power. References to Aperture 3 gives me some hope: Apple did add some "cute" features including Faces, but users can choose to ignore them. At the same time, Aperture's pro features in 3.0 did improve considerably from previous versions. Of course, it took much pain and several revisions to make the application perform appropriately. It's interesting to see Premiere...
Very funny!
I'm not qualified to opine on the subject of this thread, but regret that some who do can write with a passion that seems out of scale. How about "mistaken," "in error," or simply "wrong?"
If you spend seven days a week working and hauling a laptop, it might as well be the best. Unibody MBPs do the job.
I really like the way iWork "works:" clean interface, quick, scroll friendly. I'm still getting used to the Inspector, but I'll get there. I'd like to see more keyboard commands. Having to go to the menu bar for forcing page breaks and the like gets old. Hope Apple keeps up the good work.
The person above who recommends Word for editing Word documents, despite a preferences for Pages is correct, at least in my opinion. I prefer working in Pages too. But when you edit in Pages a document that originates in Word, things can sometimes get muddled in things like footnotes, or the use of graphics within tables. Some clients as me to prepare documents based on their seriously over-baked Word power-templates. If I pull those templates into Pages, edit, then...
I can't seem to stop my MP or my MBP from receiving prompts every other day to "install an upgrade" of Application Enhancer. I can't figure out how to dump this stuff off my computer. Nothing in the system preference or the finder. Just this nagging prompt. Anyone know anything about this stuff?
I want to think ill of MS as much as the next guy, but Word is firing up faster than it ever did. I'm resigned to the fact that it won't ever work with Leopard Spaces, at least to spread docs across multiple windows. Regardless, my main writing tool is a fabulous application from the UK called Scrivener. Then comes Pages 09. Alas, I still have to export from either of these applications to Word for Mac before sending stuff to client. If you really need to know what...
New Posts  All Forums: