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I want to think ill of MS as much as the next guy, but Word is firing up faster than it ever did. I'm resigned to the fact that it won't ever work with Leopard Spaces, at least to spread docs across multiple windows. Regardless, my main writing tool is a fabulous application from the UK called Scrivener. Then comes Pages 09. Alas, I still have to export from either of these applications to Word for Mac before sending stuff to client. If you really need to know what...
Probably not, but improved scrolling would be nice. Anything to make Office a little snappier.
Now that's out of the way.
Had to ask.
Amazon/Kindle's library is vast, but ereader.com's iPhone software is more elegant and adaptable. Hope Kindle's work on their iPhone reader continues to under its own "optimization."
So glad we asked if the new OS was snappier. Bummer if it isn't.
The Mac version of Office is simply not as robust as the Windows version. A year later it's still slow to launch though less prone to crash than in it's first version. A year later, MBU acknowledge that Office doesn't work property with Leopard SPACES, but they're not about to do anything about it. The installation in bloated. UGH. Unfortunately, Word and PP makes themselves inevitable because my clients use it.
Took me a while to make the same discovery: the Mac at home must still be powered up; now we gain access to USB drives attached to TC. For a while I had this notion that I could log on to me.com from any computer and find my way to that same USB drive, whether or not a mac at home was powered up. I get greedy. [QUOTE=noirdesir;1385995]
Count me in. Sure, I like having access to the keypad and the extra keys, but it's nice to be able to bring the mouse closer, especially if you're spending long days and nights working at the flat screen. I change pointing devices from time to time to help reduce some aspects of repetitive stress injury. Switching keyboards is a convenient additional option. I also prefer the reliability of wired keyboards.
What's not to like about Safari 4? Work great. Hey, anyone else think it's snappier too?
New Posts  All Forums: