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Hey, but that's what Limbaugh and Hannity say man, so it must be true! Man, Ahnold turned out to be Gray Davis on steroids. \
You got owned dude. Here's one you can use:
That's a little extreme. As others have suggested, legalize marihuana, tax it and encourage the growth of hemp which is an amazing natural resource.
No kidding. Attaching the funding bills to others and then accusing them of anti patriots for not wanting to "support the troops". Did you forget that part or is it not convenient to mention it? The invasion should never have happened to begin with. Weapons of mass destruction! Mushroom cloud! WMDs! WMDs! Uhh...Saddam was a bad guy. By the way, it should be the Democratic controlled congress. I've watched Zeitgeist, but I've never researched how accurate it is. Has anyone?
"What kind of man orders a cheeseburger without ketchup, but Dijon mustard"? ^^ Must be really offensive is canada to not get ketchup with your burger eh Frank? I bloody hate ketchup myself. I stay away from the sugary, tomato concentrate concoction. Love tomatoes on my burger though. Yum. Oh yeah....and what a retarded thing to be arguing over. Come on O'reilly! You know you want to boycott dijon mustard!
That's awesome!! Congratulations Northgate! Looking forward to seeing it as soon as it's leaked. JK. Hope this is the start of something big for you.
I think you forgot the crying baby Smilies after that...thing...you posted.
Lakers are in trouble. I was giving them the series 4-2 based on home court...now that's out the window. Good job Lakers! Yao played very well. At 7-6 with a nice stroke and an excellent free-thrower, it's amazing he doesn't dominate every game. What's encouraging to me as a Laker fan is that as terrible- terrible- as the Lakers were, they were still in it with 4ish minutes to go.
I don't think the comparison is all that accurate considering the reach Limbaugh/Fox/Hannity have. I see your point, but I don't think the numbers match. Nothing is a slam dunk, but I don't think we've ever had the same demographic trends in relation to minorities (and their migration to other states)and when those minorities, especially Hispanics, see themselves being the scapegoat of all things wrong it's just common sense that they'll feel alienated by the right....
I agree with you. It's common belief that he runs out of gas in games. However, someone his size should be dominant when picking his spots. Period. Seen games where he was in foul trouble, came back on in the 4th quarter and didn't even try to get involved. I have my issues with Phil especially with how he just sits there without calling a time out while a team prone to blowing big leads(the last couple years) is blowing yet another one. His "let them figure it out/let...
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