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His/her response is wrong especially using Word and Visual Studio as two examples. The SP3 doesn't use the full resolution natively since the entire OS is scaled by default at 150% for an effective resolution of 1,440x960, so the text are super crisp and clear.
The screen is reversible so you could flip the screen over while having the keyboard underneath. The good thing is that it also provides an angle for better writing and drawing. Note that the keyboard buttons are NOT underneath unlike the Yoga style. 
You do realize that Word and Visual Studio are HiDPI aware right? Second, the screen is not running natively at the full resolution. It's going to be using a scaling factor that's comfortable enough even on the Surface Pro 3. I am using Windows 10 on a 4K display, and Word is beautiful. Now, there're software that are not HiDPI aware, but most of MS stuffs are good. You should have used another software as an example instead.
Wow we must be using totally different versions of Windows 8. I am using it on a tablet, and I have NEVER accidentally docked anything. It's always intentional. I am not sure how you can accidentally dock the windows by doing what? By intentionally docking it? For you to dock the app, you have to drag down from the top to activate and then intentionally move the minimized app to the left or right so that the docking bar appears. What exactly are you doing so that you are...
I didn't know Pandora allows me to pick any song to play. Did they just add this?
Do you think the iPad Mini is more portable than the iPad 4? Are you more likely to bring an iPad Mini or an iPad 4 if you are going out? There was a long debate about seven months ago how Apple would be making a "7 inch" tablet (yes, it's actually 7.9 inch) and whether it'll more portable than the existing bigger iPad.   So ladies, do you find the iPad Mini to be more portable than the iPad 4? So gents, do you find the iPad Mini to be more portable than the iPad...
Are you implying that those who likes Opera is mentally wrong? How about people who use Safari is terribly terribly wrong as well? Now, I don't use Opera, but it has pioneered many of the features that were "different" and later adopted by all of the popular browsers today. A lot of these ideas were then borrowed by IE, FF, Safari, and Chrome. What do feel that's "different" about the Opera browser? I, for one, thank that they were different so that I can enjoy some of...
Wow such arrogance and over-generalization in your assertion. The Galaxy Note 2 is actually very thin and light for the dimension of 5.5" screen, and it's selling quite well for something that's "stupid". Just because people use it doesn't mean that they are "stupid" or "huge people" or "poor vision". I guess you like to insult people who have different needs than you do.
Can you explain to me how this scaling works? The Note 2 has a resolution of 1,280 x 720 (720p) so there's almost NO reason whatsoever for an app to scale. This is the most common resolution in Android phones today. Can you tell me what app that he was using that has "so much white space"? My brother has a Galaxy Note 2, and so far, I haven't noticed any of "so much white space" issue with the apps that he uses (a lot). It's pretty obvious that a 720p on a 5.5" vs. 4.3"...
Can anyone explain what this picture is? Is this really from a Sony render?   http://www.theverge.com/2012/7/26/3189309/apple-sony-iphone-design-inspiration-iphone-4-looked-old  
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