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It's pretty evident that a single point-of-contact is unfit as a kickstand. Microsoft's version spans the entire tablet.
If you are only interested in tracking those 3 people, then you use the "People Hub". Here, you can pin 3 of these people directly onto the Start Screen. This way, you can view all 3 updates independently. Example: http://blogs.msdn.com/cfs-filesystemfile.ashx/__key/communityserver-blogs-components-weblogfiles/00-00-01-29-43-metablogapi/2350.Pinned_2D00_to_2D00_Start_5F00_73DF5EB3.png
I like Apple. I like Apple products. I have nothing against Apple. I have everything against those who says false information, or quote something out of context.
My point is that the Surface can do all of what you described without using a SINGLE third-party case or using an adapter. The iPad cannot do that. I do everything in landscape mode whether it's android tablet or an iPad. Portrait mode, whether it's 4:3, 16:10, 16:9, feels weird on a tablet. That's my personal opinion.   Everything that you described are OPTIONAL. How the hell can you compromise the usage of the Surface if the kickstand is optional? If you think it's...
So how is it possible that a lot of the Windows 7 notebook and my notebook can get 7+ hours of battery life? Surface Pro runs the SAME metro apps from the Windows Store as the Surface (RT). The fact that it run also run legacy programs is a bonus. But I would rather trade off on legacy support for longer battery life, lighter, thinner, and probably better security by going with Surface RT.
The Windows RT tablet price is comparable to the iPad. The Windows 8 tablet price is comparable to ultrabook.   Quote from the same source:   "Today brings us rumors of something more specific than that. Just yesterday word on the street was that the ARM-based Surface would cost $600 and the Wintel model $799 at the very least. The Next Web is now reporting that while the Windows RT Surface will cost $599, the Intel version of the tabletis going to cost closer to $1000....
What prevents you from using a bluetooth keyboard with Windows 8?   iPad = bluetooth keyboard or onscreen Windows 8 tablet = bluetooth, onscreen, USB, touch cover, type cover, where the three latter options use the tablet's built-in power   What kind of logic do you use?
No, if it's 5 millions for one YEAR, then it's pretty poor performing considering that Apple can get many times that in one QUARTER.
Actually, I think you are colorblind because you couldn't see that you can CHOOSE black, white, cyan, magenta, or red.   http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2012/06/microsofttablet0104.jpg
And why does it need to be a pant? Why couldn't it be a jacket with large pockets? And why does it needs to fit a pant pocket to be the definition of "more portable"? I can tell you most of my jackets can fit a 7" tablet. And at worst, it's easier to hold the damn 7" with one hand like a small book. If I have the option of a 9.7" iPad and 7.85" iPad that I can use on the run, then I will most likely choose the 7.85" most of the time. Why? Because it's freakingly and...
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