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I'm more likely to bring a 7" tablet with me than a ~10" tablet. If I am going to a friend's house, then I'm more likely to bring a 7" just because it's actually smaller and lighter. That's it. And I can probably hide it in my jacket pockets were the 10" would have no chance whatsoever.   Compare...
The Note doesn't seem that big at 5.3" and 5.5" shouldn't be a huge difference. I have seen people using it, and I have always thought using the Internet and playing games on it is probably much more immersive. I see people text, IM, playing games, and web browsing much, much more than speaking on the phone. For me, I think 4.3" is a reasonable size.
  Why on earth would Google reveal its search algorithms? What kind of an idiot would one be to do that if your business is search, where your algorithms are your assets and secrets? How about Apple reveals its algorithms for Siri?
This is Windows Phone that was rewritten from scratch. Windows Mobile 6.5 and earlier were in fact POS. I haven't restarted my WP7 Lumia 710 for 25 days. It's still going and going.
So it's the Windows XP of Apple then? It gets slower as you install more apps? I thought that isn't supposed to happen with Apple? If you don't think so, google Lumia 800 vs iPhone 4S boot-up time. The Lumia 800 and 710 have the same 1.4GHz single-core.   Lumia 800 about 16 sec iPhone 4S about 21 sec   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GPoRjJNcpI
Of course they can use the same apps.   Windows 8 intel and ARM tablets can use the SAME metro apps from the Windows Store.   It's the ARM tablet that won't be able to run x86 programs. There's not wrong with the "low-end" model because it's intended for those who wants an iPad alternative. The Pro version is for those who want maximum compatibility. They two models are clearly targeting two different markets, but the share the SAME metro apps Windows Store.   In fact,...
Well I guess it makes sense that you don't know what alternative method of inputs means.   Windows 8 tablet, you can CHOOSE to use which method is best for each scenario:   1. External keyboard with multitouch trackpad (cursor support) 2. Onscreen keyboard with full multitouch support   If I am writing a long document within Word, then I would use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Why? Because the mouse has the highest precision and accuracy, and you don't actually need to...
Well I guess it makes sense that you don't know what alternative method of input means. 
My Windows Phone Lumia 710 can boot up faster than your newest iPhone. A Windows tablet takes about 10-20 sec to boot.
You can customize the home screen (start screen) by YOUR preferences. When you first create an account, you are asked to choose:   1. Background (theme) color 2. Background style   Again, it makes no sense to judge this based on SOMEONE'S else settings. Once you set it up to your life, then you'll see it makes a lot of sense. Do you realize that the iPad home screen can hold 25 icons at any given time? The Windows 8 home screen can hold about 40! You are right, that's a...
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