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Isn't the issue a little more complex than 30%? The issue that most developers object to (but must adhere to) is this:   1. Pay Apple $100 to get the developer account, recurring each year. 2. Create an app that sells for $1.00. 3. A customer buys the app, 70 cents go to developer, 30 cents go to Apple. 4. The app has an OPTION for the customer to BUY items such as a digital book (for example). Apple does not store this book on their servers. This book is downloaded...
Interesting considering that iPad doesn't have Java.
We use it to measure electronic components that are very small (about 0.020 inches in length & width). It's smaller than a grain of rice.
Did PCWorld calibrate the infrared thermocouple for emissivity factor? The default according to the manual is 0.95, and that needs to be changed depending on the "reflectiveness" of the object that you are trying to measure. (-25 to 999°F, 12:1 (D:S), ±1% accuracy, laser sight, fixed emissivity (.95), hard case) My company actually bought a $40,000 temperature measurement camera, and it has automatic emissivity correction and high resolution. I don't think a $500 infrared...
Clearly the firmware/software can be written to do a lot of fancy stuff including reporting what a company wants it to report. It's kinda like when Apple changed the algorithm for "number of bars" on the iPhone: http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/20...ignal-drop.ars
Closing metro apps with the Task Manager is no longer needed with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In fact, you're not supposed to close metro apps at all. The OS automatically suspend and save states as necessary for apps that are not currently active. But MS added 2 methods to close metro apps for people who insist on managing the apps themselves:To close metro apps in Windows 8 Consumer Preview (not Developer Preview): Mouse: 1) Bring the mouse cursor to the top edge and the...
But look at the storage requirements for this high resolution on the new iPad. The entire iMove balloon from 82MB to 404MB. Not only that, even older iPad without the Retina display upgrading to the newer iOS must also inherit this gigantic increase in app size. 16GB iPad is simply not enough anymore. And it's only going to get worse as more apps are updated for Retina resolution. Frankly, I'm not sure if this Retina is worth it from a storage standpoint until price on the...
Intel already has Ultra Low Power SoC that can be used to power Windows 8 tablets. http://www.theverge.com/2012/1/10/26...-with-32nm-soc
Videos you have seen have no tutorials whatsoever. I highly doubt Windows 8 will come with not a single tutorial video. Heck, even OS X Lion came with a tutorial for inverted scrolling. What's so baffling about Windows Phone? What was the person trying to do that was baffling? I'm curious because I use a Windows Phone.
Which is why I'm not a lawyer. This is up to Neonode, Apple, other parties, judges, and a bunch of lawyers to make that determination.
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