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I think there was a version of the N1M with the gesture that preceded the iPhone. In additional, Neonode patent was filed in 2002, which is way before Apple's applied for its version of the slide-to-unlock gesture.
All that MS is presenting from their blog is the new SkyDrive for Windows 8 without bashing iCloud or any of the competitors' products. I don't see what's so FUD about it. If anything, you're the one who's creating this so called "FUD."
I'm curious. What makes having a stylus so '90s? What about pen and pencil? Or mouse and keyboard? Hey, what's the point of having any of those now that we've touchscreens? Our fingers work great for writing, right? The Galaxy Note runs Android with the inherent multitouch support. The stylus is a precision tool for writing and drawing for apps that supports it. I would be interested in such a device for work. Plus, the stylus is stored on the device such that you can't...
Having a search button doesn't mean there isn't a way to access the OS search function. It simply allows you access to search with ONE click regardless of where you are. How do you search in iOS 5? Slide left to open search from the home screen. Who would've thought to slide left to search? What if your homescreen is in the middle of 8 pages? You would've to click the home button, and then slide left. With android or WP7, just click the search button anytime. Do you really...
I'm just speculating what some people may think even AFTER a company chooses to correct itself. Some people, like these ex-Apple employees, may see this as nothing more than damage-control and not in the interest of its employees. It's certainly not what I think. I applaud that Apple is actively pursuing better working conditions.
A coward would've kept his or her mouth shut. If I know a company is doing something unethical or illegal, I would rather report it and stay anonymous as well. Maybe these former Apple employees and executives see Apple as a hypocrite to join the FLA while turning a blind eye years before. It's kinda like Google's "Don't be evil."
It's insane to believe the Note is meant to take on the iPad. It's a smartphone with pressure-sensitive stylus for writing and drawing. Samsung's answers to the iPad is the Galaxy Tab line, not the Note. I see the Note as an addition to the Galaxy S smartphones.The Note still has capacitive touchscreen does it not? Having the CAPABILITY to use a pressure-sensitive stylus in ADDITION to finger touch is a plus. If the stylus is the ONLY way to interact with the Note, then it...
I actually think the LACK of symmetry on the home screen is a good thing. It allows a lot of functionality to be added to the empty space. The empty space adds more "balance" to the home screen. I'm not sure how to explain it.
This infinite loop happens ONLY in Mobile View of IE9. The desktop view works fine. I'm having problems visiting this site using www.appleinsider.com within Windows Phone 7 Mango. I'm using Internet Explorer Mobile 9. The browser would go into an infinite loop trying to load www.appleinsider.com and then iphone.appleinsider.com then back to www.appleinsider.com, repeating. When it's in this loop, I just see a blank white page. It doesn't happen on my android phone. I...
That looks pretty cool. It makes me wonder if Nintendo applied for a patent already and how similar is Apple's patent.
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