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Can someone explain to me which is faster and easier to hook-up? How can one say Apple's implementation is simpler? Again, this connector is to STANDARDIZE docking for all ultrabooks. How is this proprietary if it's meant as an industry standard? I suppose USB 2.0 is a proprietary standard? Or how about HTML5 that Apple is in love with? Basically, if PC vendors don't use Apple's "standard" TB connector, then it's proprietary. Yet, if they adopt Apple's TB connector,...
I think it should be something like this: 1. MS offers Windows 7 by internet delivery for installation via USB, burn DVD, or mount ISO. 2. MS will offer Windows 8 with click-to-install similar to Lion using Mac App Store. 3. Apple offers Lion thru Mac App Store for only Snow Leopard. 4. Apple "copies" MS for using Internet to deliver OS installation, first. 5. MS "copies" Apple for using click-to-install simplification, second. It seems very clear that neither copy each...
You still need to use Snow Leopard at minimum. At least on Windows 8, you can upgrade within Vista and 7.
The only thing you cannot (currently) change is Bing default searching in the browser. It doesn't prohibit you from using www.google.com or download Google Search. Most of Apple's services are provided by third-party apps whereas most things in Windows Phone are integrated into the OS. If you don't want the integrated feature, then you can download an app to replace it. With iOS, you HAVE to download Shazam if you want to know what song is playing.Google wrote all the apps...
If you're going to call something garbage, you should at least quantify your opinions with why. How's this different from your lock-in and proprietaryness with Apple? You're free to link any emails to the phone's Inbox. Maybe, just maybe, they chose not to offer Google probably because MS can better integrate Bing with their own phone OS? You've Bing search, Bing Map, Bing Voice, Bing Audio, Bing Vision, etc... all integrated into the core OS. People complain when MS...
Hardware without the content is USELESS. Apple created the ecosystem to tie Mac, iPhone, and iPad together. Likewise, the reverse is also true. You can have the best content but subpar hardware won't get you anywhere. Amazon is ALMOST right. It has the contents, but it needs to improve on the hardware to compete.
It's possible that they don't want to bring Word and Excel to iOS simply because Microsoft want to release their own tablet version later. They can then market Windows 8 tablet as the only tablet that has full support for Word & Excel. Of course, it's hard to ignore all the iOS users that can potentially use Office on their iPad.
If you get the Windows 8 Tablet with x86(x64), then it'll run all Metro and legacy Windows apps.If you get the Windows 8 Tablet with ARM, then you'll only get Metro and/or ARM compiled desktop apps.I am not sure how will MS market the x86 vs ARM. I can see potential for confusion when someone buys the ARM tablet version expecting full Windows legacy apps.
MS has already demoed Office 2010 on Windows 8 SoC ARM during CES 2011 in June 2011. By the time Windows 8 is released in 2012, they'll have a fully functional Office suite for ARM. The big question is whether it'll be a desktop app or Metro app. I think it's the former.
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images...troappsapi.jpgYou can code Metro apps with XAML + C, C++, C#, VB and of course HTML5 + JS. So yes, the Metro apps have access to powerful APIs and your choice of programming languages. And yes, the Metro apps will be able to run apps like 3d games and similar apps. Each title is a dynamic representation of the apps. The apps themselves are programmed in the mentioned languages. And no, they're not glorified widget.
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