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Can you quantify by what you mean "hamper it"? The last thing MS would do is rewriting the NT kernel because it makes no sense whatsoever. Rewriting a kernel is an attempt in suicide. They have updated the NT kernel, removed dependences and made it much more modularized with Windows 7 as part of the MinWin efforts. The NT kernel in Longhorn IS part of the updated Windows Vista and Windows 7. Exactly what makes Mac OS X more scalable and flexible? By what criteria do you...
I think the pressure is on Apple and Google to support the feature. If you read the article carefully, Google has not implemented the do-not-track feature, and Apple will release it with Safari on Liion. Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9, both, already have the feature implemented. Firefox 4 = implemented & released for public Internet Explorer 9 = implemented & released for public Safari for Lion = implemented (still in development) Chrome = unknown, not yet
Does it need user's password to do the initial install? The article was very vague in this aspect.
It's not IE 9 fault. The guy uses webkit specific (-webkit-) properties for CSS3. Chrome and Safri works properly, but only because they're based on webkit. Firefox and IE9 don't render it properly, because those browsers don't use the webkit specific properties. Microsoft took a stance on CSS3 and decided not to use engine specific extensions. It's like running an OS X application on Windows; you can't. Same thing here. You can read the discussion here:...
The fact that you've to do this is a design flaw. Say you've a 3GS and a 4G phone, and you hold both in the same way.3GS = no drop calls, no drop data4G = drop calls, slow data (or no data)How would you characterize this? What if you accidentally bridge the 2 antennas and your call/data drops? Holding it "differently" isn't difficult, but the fact that you've to hold it "differently" for the 4G to work work is a design flaw whereas the 3GS is chugging along merrily. And...
Do you touch the antenna while driving? (you can't) Can you bridge the iPhone 4 two antennas while holding it normally with your left hand? (you can)
Where did you get that info in the article, just curious? The entire development is done in Visual Studio 2010 + Silverlight 4.0 + XNA 4.0.http://www.microsoft.com/express/phone/
Trust me when I say this, but you know next to nothing of the NT Kernel. Unless you have seen the source code with an NDA, you would never know that the NT Kernel is a very very elegant, simple, and powerful solution. The issues that you have with Windows is not the NT Kernel, it's the user-level architecture and possibly Win32. The NT Kernel enables some very advanced graphics capability that Snow Leopard still can't match.
This testing is very very flawed, since the tester has no understanding of how UAC works or the general security model of administrative privilege and per-user privilege. You would think that someone who works for an antivirus software company would understand UAC in-and-out. I will explain this tomorrow unless someone can do it for me. They could have saved themselves the hassle and just ran Notepad.exe or Firefox.exe and called them viruses.
Right, and in order to run OS X on the state-of-the-art computer, you would need a Mac Pro. I don't understand why people keep comparing the cost of Windows vs. OS X. Microsoft makes software and Apple makes hardware where OS X is really a freebie. Microsoft has different versions of Windows just like Apple has different line-up of Mac. This is very basic economy - features segmentation for the targetted market.
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