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Yay! Can't wait for it to launch here in NZ. I'll be getting one of the Sport models for now, and see how it goes. If it's something that works well for me, I'd be getting a SS model for Gen2.
I wonder what will happen to all the $50 crappy 'smartphones'. They might get re-classified as feature phones so they don't have to work on implementing this feature!
Her account seems to still be active, I noticed it was logged in about 3 days ago, and it was logged in 1 day, 18 hours ago, so someone is going to the AI forums on one of her computers (I assume). I'm assuming someone (Robin Hunter or PhilBoogie?) have tried sending her private messages? Also wondering if we post of this thread/send private messages, don't they send email notifications, or is that off by default? Wonder if one of the Mods can see what the account does...
As a long time reader (and rare poster), just discovered this thread (after wondering why I hadn't seen Relic commenting as much these days). It's been sobering read, with some genuine ROFL moments (hope that comes across with the intended meaning). Just noticed that Relic was online a couple of hours ago, so hoping for her name to appear in this thread. Wishing her all the very best, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.   On a lighter note, I'm a New...
There were, I had an Asus M2 laptop in 2002. It was a super-thin laptop by the standards at the time. It has 128 MB soldered onto the mobo, and a slot to add more RAM later.  
Worked fine on my iPhone 5 (Updated via the phone). Anyone having battery drain issues on the 5? I've got a 5 as my personal phone, and a 4S as my company phone. If I put the 5 in flight mode overnight, it's fine, if I leave it connected to the network, I loose about 25-30% battery in 8 hours. The 4S, however, is fine (looses about 10%). I've rebuilt the phone, mail is on manual sync, etc, but it's still chewing battery overnight. Both phones are on the same mobile...
It appears to have been an issue with the firmware/drivers for Ivy Bridge. Some Intel mainboards for "PCs" have the same issue. Intel said a driver/firmware update would resolve this. Glad it's out now, I've got an 2012 mini, with 2 Apple Cinema Displays, and it was driving me nuts, the HDMI output changes to "snow/static" for about 2 seconds, then back to the image. It was doing it every 2 hours or so. Annoying when you're watching a movie.  
At the risk of repeating the above posters, I'm annoyed about the GPU... I haven't watched the keynote yet (I usually wait for the podcast, as the streaming one has buffering issues here in NZ), does anyone know if the RAM is still user replaceable? Or is it soldered?  
Personally, I'm buying the next Mini (Still got 2 20 inch cinema displays that I brought with my PowerMac G5). Since ML seems to want computers with SSD's, I'm hoping that it'll come with an SSD as standard, and an optional platter drive.  
  I'm in NZ, I remember when Apple announced that we'd be getting the 3G first, epic moment! But since then Vodafone and Apple have fallen out, so we never get them first. The 3GS, 4 and 4S have been in the 2nd group of countries.
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