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I've still got an original iPhone (2G), still working well, and in my opinion, it's the best looking iPhone ever. It's currently my backup phone. :)
  Your right, inductive charging is VERY slow, and draws more power than it can transfer to the device. A classic one is both electric toothbrushes, they are inductive. They take about 24 hours to fully charge, and they consume more power than they transfer to the battery. Having one big pad, that you could put a phone, iDevice on would be good (for overnight charging).
Requires an Intel mac. :( I know I really need to upgrade, but my beloved PowerMac G5 is still working perfectly! :)
Just wondering, If you set really easy questions for the "confirm it's you" bit, then Google searches may have the answers. (E.G. if you haven't got a private FaceBook account, quite a lot of info will be publicly avaliable, therefore making it very easy for a clever person to bluff their way through proving that they're "you"! Having said that, I have backups of important data that is stored in iCloud (Contacts, photos etc), since if iCloud dies, or goes offline, I...
I've got an original iPhone 2G, still working, though the home button is getting rather hard to push, but the battery is still fine. It's pretty much used as an iPod touch, and remote for my Apple TV, but I still think it's the best looking of all the iPhones. :)  
Not meaning to be a smart arse, but the current iMacs (and I think "all" of the 21.5 and 27 inch versions) have got 4 RAM sockets. Thats how they get 16 GB (4x 4GB DIMMS). Having said that, I fully agree with your point. I have a PowerMac G5, and an iMac simply isn't a good replacement. I love being able to upgrade the HDD's, add PCI cards, and Optical drives, without a fully disassembly!
Me too. I brought an iPad1 64 GB 3G, and i've kept it. I brought an iPad2 when they came out, I sold it 2 weeks ago, all ready for iPad3.
I know as a nation with 4 million people we are quite low down the priority list, but they need to hurry up and build a store in NZ!
I've been collecting old Macs for a while, I've got all 13 of the iMac G3's, all 5 of the iBook G3 Clamshells, a G4 Cube, All 3 iMac G4's (my favorite looking Apple computers) Various PowerMacs. I love seeing how the designs have changed over the years as technology has changed and allowed smaller and more powerful computer to be developed.
Sorry to be a smart arse, but when I wrote that post, I was at work, on a Windows 7 box, running Firefox. I checked just now on my G5, Safari will underline my spelling mistakes. Also, I'd like to offer my 2 cents regarding updating OS's: I work in IT, generally, for businesses (running Windows), we don't often upgrade the OS of a PC once it's been sold. They generally run the same OS for the 3 - 5 year life of the PC. sometimes we might upgrade a single unit (say, the...
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