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I know you can install mac os on a USB drive (I've got it installed on a Firewire 800 pen drive, as it's faster than USB), but I've just found it easier to boot into target disk mode. I'm not saying that I'm right, and your wrong, there are many ways to get the same result. I'm just saying that the method I use doesn't work on a mac without firewire, and since it's been standard on macs for about the last 10 years, I've gotten used to the target disk mode feature. (And...
Yeah, thats fine for mac savvy users (I myself do that), but as an apple tech, I service Joe off the street's mac, and they most often don't so that. If apple did USB target disk mode, that would be great.
The only thing that it needs is firewire, and before everyone starts up with the "usb is fine" story, let me explain: As an apple tech, firewire target disk mode is the BEST feature EVER. If a mac won't boot, you can start it in target disk mode, copy data off, re-install patches etc etc, I use this feature quite alot, but on the current MacBooks, and the MacBookAir's, I can't.
As a user of a 12inch PowerBook G4, I would love to see a 11.6 inch MBA. The Powerbook has got a 320GB drive, and 1.25 GB of RAM, and it's still uslessly slow, but I love the small form factor, a 13 inch MacBook Pro seems HUGE beside it
As someone above said, it's been done, in a way. I remember in high school, about 10 years ago, we had these Sony Mavcia digital cameras, and at the top of the screen, there was a see though slot thingy, so when you turned the back light off, the sun would light up the back of the screen. Since I cant' describe it well, here is a picture: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/so...camera-top.jpg The color was a bit off when using it, but it was brilliant as saving...
Well, I'm still on Leopard, as I used a PowerMac G5. Also, the last PowerMac's were sold not that long ago, so there will still be quite a few people not upgrading to SL until they get a new mac.
The iPad won't replace the iPod touch. If anything, the iPhone replaces the iPod touch. I've got an iPod touch, but when they release the next iPhone in the middle of this year, I'm gonna get it, and that'll replace my iPod touch. The iPad it waaaaay too big to be used as an MP3 player on the road.
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. He was a bit random, but he was always amusing
Dude, it IS an apple! It's a macpro, which would be running windows. compare http://blog.800hightech.com/wp-conte...-pro-ports.jpg with the laptop at 3:02, the ports are the same, even the screws, the touchpad has ONE large button!
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