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So, does this mean Android uses a 'multi-steal' interface? Can & will Samsung get around it by switching to Tizen?
I'm not so sure. Annecdotally, it seems likely that the bulk of Android customers barely know what an app is, let alone care. Most people are just buying whatever new phone the salesman at the service provider store pushes on them, which more & more are Samsung smartphones with Android. If Samsung goes all out with Tizen, especially in the low & mid range markets, it will become the #2 system and push Android to #3 overnight, even if there isn't one single third party app...
It would be nice of they would upgrade the iDevices to TB sooner rather than later. USB just doesn't cut it for synching 64GB. Sure, the internal flash only goes so fast, but that won't be the bottleneck forever. Even more interestig though would be TB on AppleTV, especially dual TB, with iOS given the ability to recognize external drives.
Agreed, and I have been thinking exactly the same thing. With all their data center capacity and base of Safari users they could make a big entry into the search market overnight. They could take it a step farther and really 'disrupt' Google though - Google has been doing their own disruption by giving away software and services that others have traditionally sold in exchange for collecting user data that they then use to sell advertising, so that their only major source...
The autocorrect works reasonably well for me, but I REALLY wish they would add back & forward cursor arrow keys in addition to the back space key.
Really need them to keep gallery and iWeb around. I paid all those years for .mac and mobileme and put a lot of effort into the stuff I have on those services. I'm plenty ticked they are going away now.
I'm amazed at how long the entire rest of the industry is content to let Apple run away with all the money. You'd think at least one other player would by now have tried to follow Apple in the one thing they still do differently than everyone else - vertical integration. The commoditized hardware market that came about thanks to Microsoft and the PC cloner industry worked well in the PC market for the past thirty years, but it was an aberration of unique times and is not a...
I can't stand Vimeo, but this would be great with MobileMe galleries. Apple, PLEASE add the gallery function to iCloud!
I don't care if it's smaller or not, just please add Thunderbolt to it. And everyone please stop with all the whining for adoption of micro USB for the on-board connector. USB, micro or otherwise, is pathetically limited compared to all the stuff the 30 pin connector can do, or what TB could do. If you just have to have a micro USB plug, go buy an adapter, but don't ruin the future for the rest of us.
Why do out keep any cookies? If you really need them, you can be sure they'll be put back when you do. Even if you don't need them. In fact, I flush everything using the Safari Reset command at least once a day. More often than that if I'm doing anything sensitive, like entering my credit card to pay bills online & such. I keep a window on my desktop to flush out all the Flash cookies at the same time since the Reset command doesn't get rid of those. Never seems to cause...
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