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Could you please post a image of what is happening.   Also did you update to Safari 5.1.7?   Did you do a permissions repair as flash & shockwave have had wrong permissions previously.   I am seeing some strange things with Facebook and have not yet updated to 10.7.4 or safari 5.1.7, I have update my iPhone 4S to 5.1.1 and use the Facebook app mostly.   On my mac Facebook in all browsers is not working as it was a few days ago but for me this is normal...
I personally haven't seen any battery drain issues with either my partners iPhone 4 or My iPhone 4S since iOS 5.0 and since 5.0.1 nothing has changed. My iPhone was charged approx 10 hrs ago at 100% and now being just sitting it is showing 92% for me the battery is going slower since 5.0/5.0.1 One thing I did notice when first upgrading to iOS 5.0 I found Bluetooth was on which had previously been turned off. I know from previous phones before the iPhone bluetooth...
Which version of firefox are you using? Do you use any extensions within firefox?
Are you able to place it in the trash? If not try restarting your mac and deleting it then.
itunes on a 64bit windows 7 shows as running in 32bit in the task manager. This is after downloading the itunes 64bit windows version
It is her own fault it broke the glass goof ball should have droped it the first place.
Sometime in the last few hours for me
What apps are being used at the time of the crash/es you see? Have you tried checking the hard disk for errors vioa disk utility? These can cause strange issues with the system and are one thing to rule out as a cause. How much ram does your mac have installed? Do you have any third party add-ons? eg: application enhancer, unsaity haxies, these are a source of issues at times also. Is there any other things that seem strange when the crashes occur lets know as more...
Apple has seeded GM 4.2.1 a sort time ago. we may see the public release anytime from now
New Posts  All Forums: