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Are you able to place it in the trash? If not try restarting your mac and deleting it then.
itunes on a 64bit windows 7 shows as running in 32bit in the task manager. This is after downloading the itunes 64bit windows version
It is her own fault it broke the glass goof ball should have droped it the first place.
Sometime in the last few hours for me
What apps are being used at the time of the crash/es you see? Have you tried checking the hard disk for errors vioa disk utility? These can cause strange issues with the system and are one thing to rule out as a cause. How much ram does your mac have installed? Do you have any third party add-ons? eg: application enhancer, unsaity haxies, these are a source of issues at times also. Is there any other things that seem strange when the crashes occur lets know as more...
Apple has seeded GM 4.2.1 a sort time ago. we may see the public release anytime from now
That is the exact same fake link which downloads a fake update which either does nothing to change the system version or renders the system unbootable. this is how apple downloads address normally start with h**p://swscn.apple.com I can view the downloads catalog page and no 10.6.5 update delta or combo currently appears and at the time of this post nothing on apples download pages either.
I will see what I can find via the twitter accounts in the way of info about the apps. I have been looming at their site some more and a lot of it doesn't look like any updates have taken place since 2009. I will post any info I can find which may help you.
From what I can figure out iwallet (app) is still at version 4.2 and strangely enough doesn't show on their products page as an app they have. Multiplex could be dead as there is no real info about version 1.2 since september 2009 and as you say the forums are spammed mess. My guess is they both could be dead or simply on hold. With iwallet they have a couple of twitter id's which may help get some further info if they still use them.
Have you tried making a new user account and trying to install perian into that one only. Or try installing it into the main account only to see if it causes the system preferences to hang. If it does hang when trying to install into one account only it maybe an issue with that user account. As a test try making a new user account as a test account and then trying to install perian into it to see if anything changes. For me it sounds like you may have some corruption or...
New Posts  All Forums: