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It is normal for the pickups to be depressed when being used. This is totally normal and shouldn't cause damage in the way they are saying it has. I cannot see why they are saying they are damaged if they are it would be more likely to be a fault with the port itself which for it out of the users control if something breaks whilst in use. It would be more of a manufactoring fault and faulty to being. I would be calling apple direct and talking with them as it sounds more...
Did they say what type of external damage? Around the usb ports is there any thing that looks like damage?
No not once the subscription expires all access to idisk and email and other features stop. I am aware there was at least when I renewed my account late last year a 14 day period before they delete the account and any info.
As far as I am aware activex is a windows only plugin. as it would be a exe file type that just simply doesn't work on mac
I have been a mac user for around 10 years and have never seen one sudden reboot for no apparent reason. I have seen two kernal panics but they were easy fixed. The type of mac would help try and figure out what is happening.
The download size looks like it will be 773 MB but don't forget the install size is more likely bigger than 1GB. So far I have only seen a issue using USB flash drives acting funny and sometimes just disappearing off the screen without being touched.
It has been a while since any news regarding this update just wondering what is happening with it. If anyone has heard anything lets all know.
All new imacs will come with 10.6.* and normally won't run any system version below which they come with.
Can you please post some more info about how your imac is crashing. If it crashes with certain apps or system related crashes. This will help give a better answer to what could be the cause of the crashes you see.
Try repairing the permissions as flash player screws quite a few up when installed. I have noticed after they have been repaired things seem to work much better. I have also seen similar problems under windows with youtube and flash crashes running the latest stable version. I mainly run macs but have a pc for my work related stuff and always do some tests with it to see if anything different happens.
New Posts  All Forums: