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Can you please post some more info about how your imac is crashing. If it crashes with certain apps or system related crashes. This will help give a better answer to what could be the cause of the crashes you see.
Try repairing the permissions as flash player screws quite a few up when installed. I have noticed after they have been repaired things seem to work much better. I have also seen similar problems under windows with youtube and flash crashes running the latest stable version. I mainly run macs but have a pc for my work related stuff and always do some tests with it to see if anything different happens.
Downloaded the combo updater and installed without issue. Seems much snappier now and now all I need to do is buy a new mouse as the one I have is dying slowly. I have noticed one thing has disappeared when repairing the permissions the SUID regard private framworks and locum has now gone. I will do some more testing of things later and post any issues I may find.
Which OSX system version? Which version of Quicktime? These will help give a better answer
I have a few questions which may lead to the cause hopefully Do you have any third party system add-ons? Once started does it affect any apps in any way? Have you tried resetting the SMC? Are there any crash/system related logs? These can most times show what maybe happening and help get a fix. Any info on any other strange behaviour would also help.
There is a chance it is not compatible with snow leopard. I doubt there will be an update to make it more compatible. I have version 5.1 which has no issues so far for me. Also can you lets know what issues you are seeing as I maybe able to offer some suggestions on how to fix the problems.
Is your Office 2008 fully updated? I don't this problem so farand have 10.6.1 and Office 2008 One thing which may or may not work is re-install the latest update for office 2008 this fixed some issues I had under leopard and may work now.
I noticed the same thing with the new ATi firmware and after checking via system profiler these are the differences I noticed and would be the reason it is not needed. ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro Chipset: ATI,RadeonHD2600 . . . Vendor ATI (0x1002) DeviceID 0x9583 RevisionID 0x0000 ROM Version 113-B2250F-219 EFI Driver Version 01.00.219 The above 2 have 219 at the end instead of 212 This is under 10.6.1
It may pay to check if there is any firmware updates for the LaCie drive. Also what type of connection does the drive use? What apps are open and running at the time of the total freeze up?
Apple has a new developer preview of Java for 10.5 update 4 on their dev site but seemingly still no fix for the current issue we all face. It also looks like they pulled the discussion thread on the discussions forums also.
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