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I have one of these and get no issues with right and left channel audio to my stereo AirPort Express Stereo Connection Kit with Monster Cables http://store.apple.com/us/product/M9...mco=MjE0NDc1MA I hope this helps
x11 2.3.3 is up on versiontracker now and states the it requires 10.5.7 tobe installed for it use
Quite possibly tomorrow we will see 10.5.7 as X11 2.3.3 update requires it to be installed first.
Do you have SRS IWOW installed this has been know to cause itunes to suddenly re-open as it install a plugin for itunes which causes itunes to re-open for no apparent reason. Also like above any extra info is always handy.
Firsty try these steps as I have found some shutdown issues with my imac just of late. Quit all running apps before attempting a shutdown. If using an airport connection make sure mail.app is quit before disconnecting as this seems to stop it from being quit after the connection is disconnected. Also check the permissions as a safe guard as there maybe something out of whack which could be playing havoc Also check the HD for errors as these can also cause strange...
You need to format the drive as a guid format or boot from the install dvd and use disk utility to re-format the drive to Mac OS Extended (journaled) under a intel mac it will automatically be formatted as GUID Partition Table and you woll then be able to install OS X without issues. If problems persist lets know and more help will follow
Are you using the inbuilt firewall? Are you using any third party firewall software? What type of net connection do you use? Does this happen very often and do you have any other macs to run and see if software update works on them
What type of net connection do you use?
There is one only for the 08 versions of the apps. As yet nothing for the 09 versions.
Are there any crash logs for keynote in either HD/library/logs or Home/Library/Logs These may well give an indication to what the cause was. So far no issues saving keynote 09 here but will watch just in case. Also was there any strange behaviour whilst using keynote or around the time of the sudden reboot?
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