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It would make more sense if this was about adding knowledge to Siri. Just saying.
Fees are not a problem, remember they don't have revolving credit which is where cards make their money in the west. Getting approved for a card is hard. Tough standards compared with the west.
This is highly relevant to Japan as it is a very cash oriented economy (surprisingly so for an advanced country). Makes sense also for Chona, Brazil and Turkey which are also cash economies (albeit with lower per capita incomes than Japan).
Doled out? Bad reportage, AI. This was payment for work, not charity. Please end the sensational headlines.
Why is this newsworthy? Europeans have public holidays around Easter, Americans don't.
Wait, what was that earlier picture today in AI I an iPhone with a raised camera lens...? Was that a prototype?
So now it's clear. CarTunes paves the way for iOS to support multiple screen sizes. Larger iPhone screens won't be far behind.
The only logical reason for Icahn to speak up about boosting the share price is to exit and profit, proving he is a short term investor with no long term interest in the company.
The article didn't mention adjusting the clock speed so should we assume the replacement part is being overclocked?
It's an interesting and fun exercise but flawed. It's buying parts at retail prices so yes a hobbyist would have trouble besting Apple's price. However the article mentions manufacturing costs so if the objective is to find out what a commercial competitor could do, comparable prices need to be at B2B levels which will be far cheaper.
New Posts  All Forums: