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Will an iPhone get better reception then some cheap dumb phone?  I have a Kyocera phone on virigin mobile now and can not get service at my house.  I was wondering though if this is partly because of the cheap phone.  I do get service a few miles down the road.  
Why do people like this Brian White get any media attention when he obviously knows nothing about Apple. He probably also thought Apple needed to make a Netbook a few years ago as well.
Perhaps people don't realize that Apple is having a terrible time with yields on the 15" retina MacBook Pro as well.. except they are shipping them anyways.. They are using both Samsung and LG displays in the 15". Nearly every single LG has serious image retention issues or develops them over time. There has even been issues with the Samsung displays with backlight bleeding, dead pixels, and pinkish coloring.
To their credit MacMall was willing to refund my money since it was within 30 days of ordering (thankfully!).  If it is more then 30 days I would have to get it repaired through Apple.  So MacMall is still a viable place to order from but I would worry that some MacBook Pro Retinas have not exhibited the screen burn-in issue until after 30 days.
I ordered a Macbook Retina that was "on sale" from the ad that was on Apple Insider a few weeks ago.  As many have experienced with this machine and get one of the LG displays instead of Samsung displays mine now has screen burn in issues.  (It was fine to begin with).  The problem is is that if I were to have purchased directly from Apple I would have had a replacement and an empty box to ship it back in from Apple already on its way.  But because I ordered through...
Hopefully LG fixed the issues that are plaguing retina Macbook Pro LG displays!  Everyone with Samsung rMBP screens are fine but most with LG screens have issues with ghosting/temporary image burn in.
I'm sure Amazon having a near monopoly on on-line hard cover book sales would not allow them in any way to manipulate the nascent e-book market.  Wasn't there already evidence that Amazon pressured publishers to allow them to sell e-books below cost?    If they didn't allow them their hard cover books would lose favor with Amazon.  So of course the prices went up when the publishers were able to have leverage against Amazon for this practice!     Sounds...
  Yeah right.. People are going to trust running desktop apps over the internet from a company that had recently gone bankrupt.
Has anyone gotten notification of their Macbook Pro Retina shipping from MacMall with this promo? 
Fire this goofball! 
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