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Are they paying the extra fee for UPS to have all the pre-orderes delivered on a Saturday???
Talk about a bunch of winers.
What would be interesting is if the Cinema displays get updated with HDMI.
This is possible with an adapter coming out in April by Kanex.
Who cares. If the device runs fast enough for its intended use I wouldn't care if there are a bunch of nano guinea pigs in there running the thing.
I agree, web browsing is also much snappier getting rid of all that flash crap on web sites that isn't part of the content.
The best reply EVER!
This is the book reading app's problem not the iPhone. A book reading app could easily provide this option to not change orientation in current iPhone OS.
The abysmal stability of Parallels was the main reason why I switched to VMWare. I purchased Parallels first and was so unhappy with it because of this that I switched to VMWare and never had it crash on me. They may have caught up in the stability area now but the fact that they were willing to release obvious "beta" software to the masses and sell it irked me. It also sounds like VMWare will crush Parallels on one of the new Mac Pro's because of VMWare being able to...
One of the biggest attractions to the iPhone IS because you can't easily pirate software on it. Why should we make it easy for people to then circumvent the system that allows developers to actually make money? This has fostered a whole new era of indie developers who don't have to be working through some uncaring conglomerate company to make a living. That's freedom.
New Posts  All Forums: