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About $250 M in 1996 dollars, which while less than the NeXT purchase still illustrates how overpriced this purchase is. Oh, and how sh*tty the dollar is. Who says you can't have it all? (Of course I believe that inflation is 1-2% a year, that's what the government says. If actual prices don't match that, it's because we're just buying the wrong things... like food, gas, and property. )
"... no better than Mother Teresa." Understandably the sentence couldn't be finished with Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, RIM, AT&T, Verizon, Goldman Sachs, or politicians. The the entire concept of using "so much for do no evil" is pretty funny since that's the Google slogan anyway, not Apple's.
""We believe that Apple is mis-using the standardization process, seeking to impose its own proprietary solution on the industry and using ETSI merely to rubber stamp its proposal, rather than following established principles and practices." Hmmm, wouldn't be proprietary if it's made a standard either.
The problem with the napkin scribbling is that big companies are abusing the same system. Swipe to unlock? Really? And the fact that locks or other items (one-click shopping = any place that ever kept your information on file for billing, for example) like that exist in the real world isn't prior art? It's this "name something people already do - but add 'computer'" - crap that's gift that just keeps on giving. (There are legitimate patents that take actual research, but...
No doubt, the idea of a cache is brilliant! I mean, brilliant because they attached the words 'data depot' and 'multimedia', not because it's new. Justice would be patent system reform, though since Apple is playing by the current rules and not pushing for meaningful reform either, I guess you can call it justice? I'd just call it crap for anyone who isn't a huge company.
Very true, but people would have more 'real' cameras with them if the ones on the iPhone weren't good (particularly if the 4s wasn't so good - I drag the DSLR and point-and-shoot around a whole lot less now).
Totally. Agree or disagree with the global warming stuff, but Goldman is right there trying to push the carbon tax credits stuff into law - oh, which they happen to have big investments in and stand to make tons of money on. Costs everyone else, again Goldman sitting there as the leeches bleeding everyone else dry. What a coincidence. (Sorry, I meant they are performing a vital service as a middleman taking money without doing anything useful.)
They just announced some deck chair straightening a couple of days ago, didn't they? (Sorry, I meant business unit re-org.) So they're not going to acquire disruptive technology (which Apple does do - from NeXT to iTunes to Siri...) AND they got rid of the in-house capability to develop things. Yep, what they really need is another shuffling of management/org charts, that should fix everything!
It would be more like buying a $100,000 car and discovering that you have $10,000 per month fuel bills if you drive a few hours (5? how many hours to burn through 5GB?). Hey, our LTE is really fast! Did you actually want to use it like we show in commercials with HD movies streaming? OK, each movie will run you about $15 to watch like that - in addition to renting/buying it! Suddenly getting the 64GB and loading content you want on ahead of time sounds a whole lot more...
Let's look at it the other way around - would I buy an app that gave me, say, Mission Control functionality had Apple not built it in? Yes. Would I buy a full-screen app manager that integrates by putting the apps into their own desktops nicely? Yes. I certainly wouldn't buy an app that gave me that horrific Live Tiles screen, and even less an OS that made me use it as my main screen. I wouldn't specifically buy Lion's Launch Pad either, but there I have the option of just...
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