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I'm not clear how you can be treated as a US company if you aren't going to be a US company. As a citizen working abroad you would have to pay the difference in tax rates, assuming the US rate is higher - there's no magic 'well, I'll keep it in the bank over here'. You have to file with the IRS and declare that income + pay taxes if the foreign rate was lower. If the foreign rate is the higher of the two, then you wouldn't pay taxes again, so there's no double taxing...
Or it will encourage shipping more jobs overseas because it turns out you can both jack up profit margins and pay lower taxes to boot.
For whatever reason the hype machine fooled my new iPad screen into being 4x the resolution of the old one. A picture is probably where the difference will be least visible other than an OpenGL game where you have motion and edges that were already anti-aliased. Now text... well, I'm assuming you didn't actually try loading a page in iBooks/Kindle or Safari? Because that's not subtle and it's definitely not just hype. On the other hand, if you couldn't see the difference...
methinks he needed to eat his Xoom.
The other thing it left me wondering how you should take their benchmark given the lack of screen resolution information. So it's 2048x1536 vs. 1280x800? When you get a browser benchmark that includes HTML rendering for a device with 3 times the resolution coming in about 1% slower, that's pretty good. Assuming OpenGL was running at native resolution, those 2.x to 3.x faster results are more in the 7-11x speed range, which means you could either have similar res apps with...
I think that the more 'traditional' apps will grow more by including 4x res graphics for buttons, icons, etc. Something like FIFA (well, 3d OpenGL apps in general) can be sharper without having to provide 4x textures. Object edges will automatically gain, anyway, and object textures are often higher res than they need to be for general gameplay because they already have enough resolution for when you're zoomed in as well. Now if they do include higher res textures for...
Damnit, mine's in Louisville too. So close and yet so far. Can't wait to see the new screen either - should be totally great for surfing & reading. Well color me fanboy - except that it's also better than the competition.
iTunes 10.6? Sounds like it should have skipped to iTunes 10.80 Damn, I slay me. OK, what I actually want to know is whether this means it's now iPad2 level hardware or iPad3 level. I mean... new iPad, but newer than new iPad2.
If it works and shows up, it sounds really cool. You rarely would be dragging your finger over the edge of a button on iOS, so raised buttons don't sound meaningful at least from how it's described, but more interactive applications would benefit.
But if true it will still be a case of Apple leading getting this into the mainstream and everyone else following while bleating about how obvious it was and that they're not copying Apple. Again.
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