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  I am too - if it isn't configured, I can live with it showing up until I go and set a preference saying 'Don't show this type of account in sharing options'. I get that they want it there so that people find it, but certainly asking not to show an account that I'm not planning on using (Twitter in my case) isn't too much?   Or even just 1 option I can click that says 'Hide unconfigured accounts from sharing'. I'll certainly go file a bug report.
Looks like somebody was having fun taking those shots. Nice though - even without going 180-degrees overhead, just making it easier to catch a shot of (for example) your kids standing in front of the Sears Tower without having to crawl on the ground seems great.
  Why? If it had been CNN it would have been used to explain how embracing Sharia while promoting feminism isn't a contradiction. Fox just has the opposite over-the-top slant. In any case, it's a great example of the vetting that most stories get.   But I totally stand by being willing to get in line for a phone with those specs. :)
  Exactly, most other places have competition.  Here, Congress let the companies merge back into effectively 3-4 carriers total, and clearly that's not fostering much in the way of customer value. And the best part is that they're doing this using public spectrum that already effectively gives them a monopoly  - and then pumping up fat profits.   I paid for my data, so let me f*&*^(*&ing use it. And if they don't like it because 'well, if our customers actually use the...
It's Fox News - it's surprising they got the name of the phone right and didn't use it as a justification to attack Iran.  But finer details of that networks reporting aside, I'd be in line as well if it had a laser keyboard and holographic projector!
I just like that AT
  Sure, but an analyst making the statement that it's like a Patek Phillipe vs. a Baume & Mercier might not help the majority of people understand what he's saying. ;)
  You know, I don't think he would have gone back to retrieve the license plate if the car was stolen, which just makes the entire thing even dumber.
  Game Center is pretty bad as well - it's actually impossible to tell that the gold/yellow text sometimes functions as a button. Wha...!?!? Then again, some of the extreme contrast UI bits (look at Pixelmator, iPhoto, FCPX, etc.) with tiny text and tiny and sometimes cryptic icons also don't really make for great usability, or for that matter the new black and white icon themes for apps. Unless you happen to be color blind, color at times can actually make it easier to...
" If a completely new system is developed, much like the iPhone's simple yet intuitive Calendar app, designers are free to explore and invent new ways of presenting data."   Funny, because I think the UI for the iPhone Calendar app is about as bad as it gets. The month overview is completely unusable thanks to the way it obscures all but 1-2 entries at the bottom.  Day view shows you a few hours of your day, so it's easy to miss an early or late item, leaving the...
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