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I totally agree, I just found the concept of a 30% larger file size to support portrait orientation very strange. I would have thought (hoped) that SI would have figured this out - whether you deliver an encrypted bundle data bundle with an HTML5 driven viewer maybe, PDF as you suggest, etc., there are definitely ways to NOT have that issue.
More strange than deciding to support only landscape is the fact that they say that supporting portrait increased the file size by 30%. It's a layout with photos and print - I get hints for the different modes, but what in the world are they doing? Or is this that Flash magazine tool crud where text is pngs and you have landscape and portrait 'text'? Ugh.
OK, first off that's a nice and rude comment, but here's the deal: 1st off, iTunes is _selling_ those same older shows for WAY more than you can buy them on DVD - oh wait, the episodes cost the same amount as NEW shows! - which indicates to me that the studios are totally jacking the prices on iTunes. Secondly, the fact that there is NO pricing allowance for 1 hour vs. 1/2 hour shows indicating there's a certain level of price fixing - or are you under the impression that...
Along the lines of $1 being 'too cheap' to rent a show, I picked up the entire Stargate series (hey, light semi-SF my kids can watch...) of something like 220 episodes for $70 on DVD from Amazon, so $0.33/episode - purchased, not rented. It would have cost several times that on iTunes - upper $200's or into the $300's, IIRC. Same for Farscape - iTunes would run $160, and buying on Amazon was $60 for something like 88 episodes plus bonus materials. Where in the HELL are...
If they've cracked going 'vertical' on the rollout on July 1, 2012, as it appears from the graph on the dividing line, they should just go for 7 billion and cover everything. Then again, based on the 300M 3G subscribers they cover so well today... uh... never mind.
I'd at least understand my not being allowed to carry anything on board because all of me is registered as a deadly weapon... Or maybe because security basically would have no idea who the hell I am, I'd be on a commercial flight, and it's safer to just say 'no throwing stars', but Bill Gates? Steve Jobs? Even evil Larry Ellison? On a private plane? Are you kidding me? So security using a few brain cells and thinking "Steve Jobs is unlikely to use his ninja skills to take...
Smells like a phony story? "... Meanwhile, another billionaire passenger was allowed to keep the used panties he had picked up at a vending machine in Tokyo after rubbing himself against schoolgirls on the subway." Now that smells like a phony story. Gotta love parts of the Japanese culture - and now their airport security is a idiotic as ours!
OK, so: U.S. PATENT NO. 6,034,652, U.S. PATENT NO. 6,788,314: Enables ads, stock quotes, news updates or video images to flash on a computer screen, peripherally to a user's main activity. (AOL, Apple, Google, Yahoo) (filed Mar 22, 1996) Really? I worked on an app for a bank back in 1994/1995 that did just this - as stock quotes changed, we did real-time up/down arrows to bring attention to it. Like, you know, peripherally, so you could be looking at other things...
Big time! I did a render last night and it took 1204 seconds, and after the patch it's only taking 258 seconds. No, really! Or... it could be because I switched from a 2006 4-core Mac Pro to a new 12-core today, but I'm pretty sure the patch was involved too.
@Dave, I just don't think the fire hasn't been lit yet, but certainly hope AMD can do it again. It took a good 18 months before companies started using their chips last time, though maybe with the antitrust rulings against Intel it wouldn't take as long now. @kpilkington, "I wish I could have sex with my iMac!" That's sort of funny, because I was just talking to your iMac when I finished banging it last night, and it was saying that you really creep it out.
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