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It has different details on the back! So if Ford were to accidentally copy the look of a Ferrari to where people can't tell the difference from more than a few feet away, it would actually be find because what's under the hood would still look different? Could this judge tell the difference when NOT looking at the back of the Tab?   Ugh, what a crock.
  Colorblind? That's statistically unlikely since there are more of them than other operating systems, so they just must lack taste.*   So in the vein of "Would you rather...?" - Zune Brown or Surface Cyan? ;)       * Not all, just the ones who will pop up here to emphatically say that these heinous colors are really OK. And Ballmer. But he's a given at this point. 
Maybe Amazon can drop to a P/E of 15 (from, uh, 180!?) once they get into the product business? Or maybe Apple can run up to $8000 per share so that there's some P/E parity? I'd love to know what's actually holding Amazon in the realm of investment retardation and how it hasn't corrected yet.
  No doubt - totally Ballmered. Piss off the OEMs and then announce they'll bail on customers too.  Nobody in their right mind would want to pick a tablet up with guaranteed lack of support in short order... Of course, that sounds like most PCs and Android devices, so maybe their users won't notice?
  A touch based UI? Smooth scrolling and animation? Or maybe Flash Player support? Hahahaha... get it?
  Um, 1280x800 sounds decidedly low res at this point? Chewing through edge-to-edge 720p is similarly unimpressive.   Come to think of it, why is a raw marketing blurb even posted here?
  But Flash was SO important - So what's the value-add for Android now, more malware?
  Yep, they're clearly not even trying. Nobody is going to spend $499 to get an Android tablet. Cut the screen in half, quarter the resolution, name the software releases after candies and deserts, and suddenly... No, it's still not compelling, but it's enough cheaper that some people will buy it anyways. Amusingly, they're not the ones actually buying apps or putting money into an ecosystem - and aren't even desirable for advertisers, based on Google's own Android vs....
  People actually want it.
  It's like Microsoft backstabbing their OEMs. But the current strategies aren't working for either company, so some flailing is to be expected.
New Posts  All Forums: