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  Easily, because it's a waste of money unless you're into not-quite-competitive apps, screens that lack the resolution to want to read & surf on, and are too small for a tablet and too big for a pocket. Otherwise I'd be all over it.   And BTW, this one is the iPad killer! :P
The whole Surface thing is great to watch. If Microsoft prices their devices lower to compete (because hey, Microsoft is the only one making money in the Windows ecosystem anyway and is the only one with money to actually spend on putting together a nicer piece of hardware), they'll undercut the manufacturers who have always been the ones cutting each others margins/throats to be Microsoft's b*tches.  If they leave the price higher, the other OEMs just keep putting out...
  Well they're definitely squeezing a turd over their own heads at this point. (And I remember that episode - FAR from dignified! ;) )   Sad that they so totally missed the boat on the shift to digital, sadder when you consider they were really early into the market when they were working with Apple, and strange that they're selling patents that they worked on with Apple while disputing ownership amongst other things. Desperate times indeed.
  "I told you home boy - Can't touch this!"   I kind of like the keyboard cover bit, but as has been pointed out you can get a Logitech version of that today for the iPad if it's a keyboard you miss.
I wondered the same thing - were they adjusted? If not, then there's probably no reason to think there's anything lower than a $2 trillion barrier. Not that it's a true barrier either way.
  Apple could have 1/5 of its market cap in cash, strong growth, high potential growth, an incredibly low P/E compared to other companies, and... Oh wait, it already has that!   Based on what actually happens, they'd recommend dumping Apple shares at that point and push Facebook instead. Get used to it, the analysts want to look smart by being ahead of the curve when Apple does falter eventually, so they instead keep looking stupid quarter after quarter now. In the...
  But wait, there's more! How about that ultra-cluttered Explorer ribbon monstrosity? Ballmer FTW!
  Do you happen to know if you'll win enough to personally buy 20% of the market for WP8 by 2016? Because as far as I can tell, IDC is counting on it as part of their forecasts! :)
  "Samsung has been in this industry, building and innovating to the point where Apple could enter the market"   Uh, wha...? No really, what? It's great that they do memory, screens, CPUs, and really without the overall advances in the components it's unlikely that Jobs would have been able to get a device in the form factor he wanted with the functionality that he wanted, but that's industry wide advancements - and in what way does that mean they didn't totally copy...
  That's not really fair since I'm sure most whores provides better service.   The entire way the telecoms are handling data is a joke anyway, running nice ads with people watching movies at home, getting into a cab and watching on... Hey, cool, did they mention that movie is going to cost you $50 to watch once you run into overages? What a crock. Great that the government auctions off the airwaves to these monopolistic (duopolistic?) crooks too.   Grumble.
New Posts  All Forums: