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Unfortunately for them, their customers started to Wake Up and leave years ago.
  For iDisk, I agree - it wanted to be what Dropbox actually is. The photo galleries are an issue - I liked the integration across iPhoto and the AppleTV as well as being able to easily share password protected full-resolution galleries. I know there are alternate services and I should probably take the time to look at flikr or one of the others (suggestions welcome). iCloud 'photo stream' doesn't do it for me, and iCloud's document sync even less so. I would have been...
  Good being relative even in that context - if I want to read on an LCD, I'd be crazy to do it on something less than the iPad Retina display. If I want to read on just an e-reader, I'd go to the e-ink models... Which kind of leaves the Kindle Fire / Nook Color class device as odd-man-out.   (I understand that Apple is competing with the lower price tablets by keeping the iPad2 in play, but 4x the screen for an extra $99 (or 25% for the base model) is crazy to pass up....
  Being excellent at executing on things like contracts, supply chain, production ramp-ups, etc. (while a huge thing) isn't enough for 5 years. You have to have something compelling to sell, and so far we haven't seen where that vision is going to come from. I own stock and am VERY interested to see who is stepping into the shoes of visionary and defining the direction for the products. There are damned few places that have that type of person.   As for the stock sale, I...
    Very true... And of course now wait for the "Apple just copied this from others like they have stolen everything else..." crap to follow.
And not actual Windows apps either, just Metro. Lol.
Wake Up! Free espresso!   Oh, just another f*(&*(ing Android phone? Never mind.
Don't trust us? How about we charge you to go through your files if you want to upload more? Trust us now?   No thanks, I'll let Spotlight index locally.
The sound track says "We can use this incredible metal to make phones with backs that don't bloody f*(&*(&ing crack." The speaker has a British accent, so I'm taking him at his word.
I guess he confused it with the VisualWorks Smalltalk IDE that just looked the same and drilled through packages/classes/methods with details down below instead of artists/albums/songs with detail down below... uh... Sorry, they tossed in 'hyperlink' and 'multimedia' so it's pretty different. Our mistake.
New Posts  All Forums: