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I don't have high expectations for the mini. I didn't get a 2012 quad-core because I just got my dual-core mini a year earlier and was happy with it once I upgraded with 8 GB of RAM and put in my own SSD (a Samsung 470 128 GB). I guess all I want is for them to update it with a dual core processor that has the Iris 540 or Iris 550 graphics. I thought about getting a 21.5" iMac but the max is only 16 GB of RAM and you can't upgrade it yourself. The only thing that would...
How long would the R9 M395X last do you think realistically?
How is the top model AMD card vs. the top model nVidia cards? Thinking of getting a 5K iMac and maybe I should just let go.
I'd like a new Mac mini but I'm wondering if I should just get a 4k or 5k iMac. At least with the 5k iMac, I can upgrade the memory and have it for a while longer. 16 GB is good for a long time but I can have up to 64 GB in this thing. I'll give it some time and think about it and see what happens.
The huge upside to the Asus AiO is that it has a dedicated graphics card though the downside is that it contains bloatware. When the Iris Pro 580 comes out though, it should be a significant improvement over the Iris Pro 6200 but not the nVidia GeForce GTX 950M or 960M.
Wizard and to me that's all that matters. I want either the best integrated chips offered or the best discrete chips. Everything else doesn't matter. It's like mid-grade gasoline in my opinion.
A friend and I were discussing Intel's onboard graphics and their improvement of them with each generation. We came to an agreement that they went from an F to about a C- now. If Intel continues to work on things, they will be at about a B I'd say in a few years but always a large step behind the best offerings of nVidia (definitely) and AMD.
Marvin - I agree completely (and I'm sure others agree) that the 5,400rpm hard drive is completely and utterly unacceptable. There should be a 128 GB PCIe SSD minimum with options up to 512 GB for the 21.5" and up to 1 TB for the 27". Consider the fact that the $1,099 iMac is based off the MacBook Air (hence why I call it the iMacBook Air) with the exact same hardware. I say the only time where an HDD might be acceptable as a default is the $499 and possibly the $699 Mac...
That's not going to happen. It would be cool if it did because it would probably mean the possibility of another quad core Mac mini but unfortunately not.
Apple has hooked me with the 4k iMac and I am very interested in it. I am not sure I'm really interested in the mini anymore because I don't think Apple will provide what I want. I mean are they going to give me Iris 550? Even if they do, I'd rather have a quad core machine and not a dual core.
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