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Intel to me, at least on the GPU side, is on a roll right now. The CPU speeds are minimal with every generation but oh well.
An ARM iMac? Jesus christ, you're killing off all options for me at Apple if that were to happen.
Iris Pro mac mini would be great with the iMacs all being discrete cards but that would never happen. Ah well.
It's not even gaming. It's just that Asus is taking the iMac and turning it into what it should be.
I'm getting either an iMac or Asus Zen AiO. The Mac mini ship has just about sailed for me. I was just making a point about graphics and how well Intel is doing.
And Kaby Lake (at least the H-processors) seem to be a huge jump from that!
Is Iris 7100 going to be part of Skylake can we assume? Iris Pro 7200 as well.
Does the retina iMac have 4 lane PCIe SSD?
When do they finally drop the HDD option by default on the mini and also on the iMac or at least no charge with a CTO?
Let's suppose they did make 21.5" 4k iMac. What would be the minimum to run it well? We know Apple is absolute shit on Rev. A products.
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