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Well I got the news I was looking for and I should be purchasing this sometime in 2016.
Well usually there's updates on the keynote and such. That's all I figure.
Every so often I like to go to Google and query iMac 4k, Mac mini 2015, and Intel Skylake. In the summer there were a lot of 4k iMac rumors but they seem to have stopped... might there be a reason why?
I can't wait for this to finally be revealed. I heard about my precious Zen AiO I was waiting for and they included it with some nice bloatware. Unacceptable. : /
LBB - I may even just get a Broadwell 4K iMac with Iris Pro 6200. We'll see. The iMac has grown on me more and more as time has gone on. Thanks for the help.
He says (and I reluctantly agree with him on this) that the mini is getting weaker and weaker and that Apple rather than even put in a decent core i5 (even a dual core) like I feel is in my 2011 model will instead put in a Core M processor which I feel is trash. Thus what he feels is I should step up my game if I am going to remain an Apple fan to something with Iris Pro in it. He hates Apple so in the thick of things he feels I should "get a real PC" but if I'm going to...
I'm slowly growing open to the idea of an iMac after much discussion with a friend about getting a "real" computer. The Mac mini is good but the iMac certainly has more horsepower including discrete graphics and our constant back and forth has sort of opened my mind.
Yeah the NUC is getting a decent chip but nothing that could be considered "high-end."
Is the Intel HD 520 = to the Broadwell Iris 6100 on a 15W chip? That would be perfect for a Mac mini if they made it.
Dragon Quest VIII is being re-released in Japan for the 3DS and includes some extra things not in the original PS2 game so that will have my attention for at least a month if not a few months. If the Mac mini were to be updated to Broadwell and Iris 6100, I'm not sure I would be blown away. I wish PCIe SSD was standard and not a CTO even if it was the same price as though you ordered it as a CTO. I don't want to wait 2-3 days. I have a Best Buy right up the road from me...
New Posts  All Forums: