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And I will believe me. I remember about five to six years ago I kept saying I was going to buy a Mac and I think it was someone on MacRumors IRC kept saying "Just buy one already!" I knew when my time was.
Shoot they can do that now if they wanted to and I would be happy with that. That is the issue though, because you're right they don't give proper attention to the mini. Hell it sucks that they don't go Intel HD 6000, Iris 6100, and Iris Pro 6200. So now I'm looking at the iMac and we'll see what happens there. I have become more open-minded to the iMac however I wish they would include flash storage by default instead of a 5,400 rpm HDD.
o_O The mini got updated in October 2014.
Has a future Apple event where a possible new mini been announced or even iMac? Would the iMac receive just a silent update?
Intel to me, at least on the GPU side, is on a roll right now. The CPU speeds are minimal with every generation but oh well.
An ARM iMac? Jesus christ, you're killing off all options for me at Apple if that were to happen.
Iris Pro mac mini would be great with the iMacs all being discrete cards but that would never happen. Ah well.
It's not even gaming. It's just that Asus is taking the iMac and turning it into what it should be.
I'm getting either an iMac or Asus Zen AiO. The Mac mini ship has just about sailed for me. I was just making a point about graphics and how well Intel is doing.
And Kaby Lake (at least the H-processors) seem to be a huge jump from that!
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