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I'm only looking to buy a computer once every few years and not spend a ton. Sandy Bridge is adequate but it's getting old. I have a Samsung 470 in this thing.
If Apple wants me to use their Mavericks OS, they have to give me a new mini. I'm happy with Lion right now though.
Yes without question. The 850M seems to be a decent step up from the 750M supposedly.
Not enough to make it a core focus as with the Macbook Pro. Promote the damn thing. There is no reasonable excuse to not make a damn ad. It just annoys me to no end.I'd take one tomorrow with at least 8 GB of RAM though preferably 16 GB, a PCIe SSD (256 GB minimum), and Iris graphics. But since they are dragging their asses on it, whenever someone talks to me about Apple these days (like a co-worker who told me he got a MacBook Air or iPad) I lose interest immediately.I...
Sorry but if the educational model of the past is any indication, this model won't be very good.
They're not selling because they don't promote the damn thing. They can show a 15 second ad of the mini connected to an Apple display on a cool looking desk and it'll sell tomorrow.
Not really too thrilled but if that's what they release and it's a fair price, I'll go for it.
Oh no doubt but I don't want the HD 4600 in the machine I buy to replace my current mini. I asked this before but how much of an upgrade is there between the HD 3000 and the HD 4600, the 3000 and Iris 5100, and the HD 4600 and Iris 5100. Isn't there a decent difference between the 4600 and 5100?
That's why I feel it's Iris or nothing as far as dual cores go.
I don't need bells or whistles you know although maybe Apple considers a PCIe SSD for the mini to be one of those two things. I am happy that the Mac Pro got an update.
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