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When was it? 2010 was Apple's "Back to the Mac" event? It seems like October is THE month for products that matter? 2012 Mac mini? October. 2010 MacBook Air with SSD? October. Unibody MBP? October.
This event might be enough to peak my interest in Apple again. It's about time.
Just so people like me and wizard shut up for a while? : pI've waited so long that even though I'm happy at the rumor, I feel there is still room for Apple to mess this up.
Finally! Now I await the specs to see if I'll buy. There is still room for disappointment.
Two years ago or so, when Apple would announce a new keynote I would giddy with excitement. Now when they announce it, I couldn't care less. I care more about Intel's presentation at IDF.
And also here's the thing. Until Apple either introduces a new mini or a better mini replacement, I will not be buying Apple products.
I will be shocked if a new mini is introduced on 9/9. I have become accustomed to disappointment.
What's with the sudden change of heart? Before, any topic about the mini would result in you saying "It's dead! It's over!" Why the change?
I would love an i5 mini with Iris graphics mainly with a PCIe SSD though perhaps I should jump up to an i7 if it even comes out of course. Also it figures, just as I was losing hope Apple ropes me back in or at least the rumor sites do.
Yeah and an Iris mini is just fine for me. Iris Pro is better but I'll take an Iris mini. PCIe SSD standard but as an option will work too.
New Posts  All Forums: