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Bring on the Broadwell and Skylake minis. It's going to be awesome. Intel has fit Iris 6100 into a 15 watt chip formerly in a 28 watt chip. Integrated graphics is still nowhere near where discrete graphics is but it's getting better and better each year.
So now we have two people taking a dump on my thread? I thought marv was enough. To me, take the iMac improvements to the iMac thread. Let me enjoy my fantasy of the mini.
Yeah no... I agree on lowering the price of the base iMac but not scrapping the mini. Sorry.
Well the base mini won't be so bad now with Iris graphics. Unfortunately I don't see Apple giving the mini a quad-core processor unless there's something less than 35 W.
You're absolutely right. Two things make me automatically discount the $499 mini. 4 GB of RAM and the 500 GB 5,400 rpm HDD. You want more people to use your product yet you are giving them the absolute minimum to do so. I don't know why Apple is so greedy on RAM. Even the MacBook Airs have 4 GB by default. It should be 8 GB by default with a 16 GB option no excuses.As for the quad core deal, my only thought is Intel's numbering system with graphics and how there were two...
Let them be disappointed then Marv. : )
I hope Apple gets rid of the entry level Mac mini at $499. I know many of us discussed that Apple should lower the price of the mini to $499 since that's what it was when it first debuted but not with 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB 5,400 rpm HDD. Come on. The $699 mini should be the base mini at 8 GB of RAM and a 1 TB HDD. At least next year though, the graphics will include the Intel HD 6000 vs. the Intel HD 5000 if they keep the current ones. I agree with you wizard about the...
I just hope the mini stays that long and they do not shrink it to the point where it just gets a Core M in it. To me a dual core processor with Iris graphics is low enough and while I wish Iris Pro were in there, it's not a deal breaker obviously. If there's no plans for a Broadwell mini than bring on a Skylake mini with DDR4.
I don't even understand the need for the entry level iMac. The $1,299 iMac WAS an entry level machine and you can get it for the price of entry level iMac now in the refurbished store.
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