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Apparently the Broadwell Iris Pro is a 20% improvement over the Haswell Iris Pro and Skylake is at least a 70% improvement over Haswell and around 50% over Broadwell.
I'm not sure what I really want because I have no need for a non-integrated GPU but having said that if it's available for less than a mini or if there's a PC that is only slightly more (Asus Zenbook Pro), I am interested in that.
So you see a point in the next few years where Intel catches up with say the x60M or x70M in terms of GPU power?
Apple wants to get rid of the discrete GPU in as many of their devices as possible.
Give me a 256 GB SSD and I'm good. 128 GB is too little.
I believe the article is referring to quad-core Broadwell.
The Intel NUC is starting to look mighty attractive right now. Hate to say it.
What? Zen-like? Huh? I'm using an Apple keyboard, a Vizio HDTV, and a Dynex mouse and my Mac experience has been awesome. I don't want an AIO because if the display dies, I'm screwed.
I have confidence that Apple will make a decent machine that I will buy but if they don't I like the AOpen Digital Engine.
You're right and if they updated the mini to the same Broadwell processors as with the 13" rMBP, I would be sold. Haswell is great but it came along a bit too late.
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