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The MacBook Air processors are fine for most people as you say. I however in my mini would rather have more powerful processors.
When I replace my dual core Sandy Bridge mini, a quad core Haswell mini should be a welcome upgrade.
I missed replying to this so I will say something now. What I meant was any processor ending with a U vs. an M, QM, or XM. I know processors are getting better and will use less power though I wouldn't want say a rMBP using a ULV processor that is designed for a MacBook Air.
I would also try an Apple reseller, though banned from Apple retail stores? Something is up.
I was talking with a friend of mine and I predict the Iris Pro graphics processors will probably be BTO only. The processors with GT2 graphics will be standard.
The order of products that interest me starting with most to least to give you an idea with regards to processors. 1. Mac mini 2. iMac 3. 15" retina MacBook Pro 4. Mac Pro 5. 13" retina MacBook Pro 6. 13" MacBook Air
The server version is unnecessary as it has the same processor as the quad core $799 one. I mean you can configure it with two SSDs instead of one though that doesn't make it worth it.
I don't think the Air processors are that bad. They're best for what they can do. Obviously I prefer standard i5 and i7 (more the i7) mobile processors.
I will most definitely. I just believe the iMac is now a more attractive option for me.
Ah I understand. It's no big deal. You could have just been driven insane from debating people on this board who try and reach too far outside the box of what Apple will ever do.Hope things get better for you soon.
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