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I had this idea in my mind that even though I wanted Apple to add more BTO options on their computers, they would never actually do it. Today I find out that flash storage options have been added to the 21.5" iMac.
Intel first announced it in January at some event comparing two side by side laptops. One featured the 650M the other featured Haswell graphics. The 650M was still faster but according to controlled tests by very little.
Yeah I am a bit apprehensive there. If they went for just the classic 15" MBP and not the retina then fine. Even still though, I am not so sure.Also I meant to add the 4950HQ as well as the 4900HQ to my previous post but since there are other replies after mine, I will add that now.
The question that remains is whether or not Apple will use the i7-4900HQ in one of the mini models. I am not so sure they will. Still, I am ready to replace my dual-core Sandy Bridge mini.
I would be more in favor of better graphics on a Mac if the PC game industry catered more to RPGs and action-RPGs. Perhaps I don't look hard enough though you won't find me playing Portal, Crysis, or Battlefield. If I was into those games, I would have bought a gaming PC or possibly a gaming laptop though more the former in order to stay below $1,000. Having said that, I do wish the best for Intel because they need to step it up in the GPU arena. Criticizing the xMac...
I agree in some circumstances though as far as waste goes, more people = more waste.
If Apple did make an xMac type machine it would not be called the xMac and frankly I think that would be a silly name. I would probably just go with a smaller Mac Pro and keep that for now.
WWDC - What do we see? Thoughts?
Low voltage is not acceptable beyond the 13" MacBook Air. Once you get into the 13" MacBook Pro we need standard processors and hopefully soon we'll have quad cores to use.
And what would be in its place?
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