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Sorry, going to have to challenge you on it. We'll have to see what Broadwell brings for the simple issue of price and specs.I feel the 15" notebooks are for power users given that there is no 17". The 13" retina still needs seasoning. It needs to get to the classic MacBook Pro price points, possibly even the MacBook Air price points in my view.I realize I'm going too far out of the box of Apple's closed garden but I'm doing so anyway. Not saying you are wrong though.Edit:...
I have a MacBook Pro thread but if I didn't already mention it, keep the 13" integrated and the 15" discrete.
Shh... don't give them any ideas : P
I saw this and was not impressed. If I was an educational institution, I would at minimum go for the upper 21.5" with the 650M.
Someone brought up to me about the mini possibly not coming out until early 2014. That seems a bit off to me... thoughts?
Apple will never (I feel anyway) hit towards bankruptcy as long as most of their current staff stays aboard and the next ones in line are well trained. Their next line of computers may not be amazing but they will be sufficient I feel.
Okay that was a major diversion and also I blame both parties. Both of them are rich you know whats who don't care about the middle class. Getting back to Apple; all I was saying was since you mentioned about mailing it in about how whatever minor updates are made to the mini, those will be the only options available to those that still buy. There is not a major push by people to tell Apple to radically change things so Apple will keep the status quo.
So basically it will be up the consumer to use what options are available either from Apple or a third-party? Agreed?
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