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I am hoping that Apple would never consider putting integrated graphics in anything more than the base model 21.5" iMac and even then, discrete graphics should be a BTO option. GT3e or not, not at $1,299. $999 yes.
That sounds accurate, though I want it out now. So ecstatic! : (
They could do a better job yes and if not this year then hopefully next year there will be a quad-core in the base model.
Apple wasn't going to stay in the 700s forever. What comes up must come down and those saying that stock price could have reached $1,000 share are the same fools that were claiming gold could go $3,000 or more an ounce. I personally didn't mind the 17" and though it seemed big, I wouldn't mind to have owned one except having the same tech specs as the 15" without at least more options was not good. Haswell is going to prove to be very interesting when it comes out and...
What I am simply saying is allow the best for the money. For example, I thought putting a 650M with just 1 GB of video memory into the 15" rMBP wasn't good enough. I thought they should have went for 2 GB.If they can put a faster quad-core processor into a computer even by a few hundred megahertz, put it in over a slower one.
Maybe I want both a Mini and an iMac. : ) Having said that, I want Apple to use the best possible stuff available in general without anything sub-par.
Or maybe have a single 24" iMac and 2 27" iMacs? I still don't want integrated graphics in the iMac. I want the best possible stuff Apple can put in for the price they choose to have not "what is good enough for the masses." To use a sports analogy, I want me a Joe Montana in my Mac and not a Steve Young even though a Steve Young is good enough.
The 13" rMBP is going to become what the 13" uMBP was for so many years and be their biggest seller, I can almost feel it. Intel's graphics will just keep getting better and better and includes for machines such as the mini. I still stand by the fact that the 15" rMBP and the iMac should always have discrete and I hope Apple agrees.
Would it be possible to (down the line) have a base model quad core and mid level hex core?
The thing is, they are not putting in a quad-core i7 in a $599 machine.
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