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If they launch a 15" retina MacBook Pro with just integrated graphics at $1,499 that would count as an "Air" model in my view.
I wonder when exactly there will be soldered RAM in the mini as well as soldered flash storage? Hopefully not for another year or two.
I only like Samsung for memory. Other than that, I would not be keen on relying on them for a household appliance.
Are we talking about announcing the new iMac or launching it? Maybe saying "the new iMac, coming in 2013" would have been better but to still announce it in October.
I wouldn't pay for this. I don't know what Tim Cook likes besides fitness. At least if it was Steve Jobs you could talk about the past, maybe ask him about preparation for keynotes, etc.
When I was first playing the Diablo III demo and it wasn't running well, I thought "It's obviously because of the mini." Later on, I would find out how many problems there were with Diablo III including hackers and the game just not quite being what Diablo I and II were. So again, we're only talking about a game through MAME, which is Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Haswell's graphics should be fine for me though I am upgrading to a quad core machine over a dual core.
Just another reason to love the fall in addition to football season. : )
Oh apparently Apple beat their earnings expectations but Tim Cook still is a bad CEO boooooooooo!
That have the same power? So basically, I am going to be playing say Diablo III on a tablet?
Really old games, sure.
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