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The thing is, they are not putting in a quad-core i7 in a $599 machine.
Who is making them now?
Yeah honestly I'm going to have to disagree with wizard. If $599 got you an i3, then yes I'd agree. I do think though that perhaps you should at least get a i7 dual-core instead of an i5 but ah well.
The immediate future of the MacBook Pro depends upon avoiding the issues with the Rev. A version.
Oh of course they phone it in but I still think the entry level customers are important to Apple. I could be wrong though.
The fact that they mentioned it at the special event in October to me shows it is still in the cards. Time will tell.
You're agreeing with yourself? Or agreeing with wizard?At any rate, I think we will have the Mini for several more years at least through Skylake.
Well, it doesn't have the display as a liability. You could buy a Mac mini tomorrow and have it be a lemon and buy a MacBook Pro and have it last you a few years or vice versa.
I like how the size of the mini and the ability of it to plug into any monitor even if the iMac has a nice display.
I don't want an iMac, but if it comes to it, I'll begrudgingly accept it. I'm hoping Apple continues with at least one box for the near future.
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