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You know the larger size mini in 2009? Suppose the mini was that size in the form of a unibody and had a power brick. Which card?
Suppose Apple went to the unibody design but stayed the same size as it was in 2009 and kept the power brick... what kind of video card could be put in there? 640M? 650M?
I understand though I don't think Intel's graphics are worthy in the 15" rMBP right now even if Haswell is supposed to be a big improvement from Ivy Bridge. Unless Apple were to really cut the price and have a 15" at $1,499, the top 13" at $1,299, and the base 13" at $1,099.
Intel's graphics are getting better and are suitable for the MacBook Air, Mac mini, and 13" retina MacBook Pro. The 15" retina MacBook Pro should have the best nVidia graphics possible and should not use integrated graphics under any circumstance. Sorry Marvin.
Maybe for the MacBook Air though I'm not sure.
There will probably be an option for the GT3-enabled processor on one Mac mini and the 15" retina MacBook Pro. The 13" MacBook Pro will probably have the HD4600 with GT2 or something less with GT2.
The i7-4700HQ and i7-4702HQ will apparently both have the GT3 graphics though have slower clock speeds then the 4800MQ and 4900MQ.
It's a crude reference wizard and I think it's false anyway. People will watch WWDC and if no info on the Mac Pro is release, there will be severe disappointment from those still sticking around. If it does get some spotlight, people will have a reaction of "Finally!"
I think this post is appropriate for this thread. http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/30859-haswell-35w-dual-cores-in-q4-2013
That makes me even more psyched.
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