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I would be more in favor of better graphics on a Mac if the PC game industry catered more to RPGs and action-RPGs. Perhaps I don't look hard enough though you won't find me playing Portal, Crysis, or Battlefield. If I was into those games, I would have bought a gaming PC or possibly a gaming laptop though more the former in order to stay below $1,000. Having said that, I do wish the best for Intel because they need to step it up in the GPU arena. Criticizing the xMac...
I agree in some circumstances though as far as waste goes, more people = more waste.
If Apple did make an xMac type machine it would not be called the xMac and frankly I think that would be a silly name. I would probably just go with a smaller Mac Pro and keep that for now.
WWDC - What do we see? Thoughts?
Low voltage is not acceptable beyond the 13" MacBook Air. Once you get into the 13" MacBook Pro we need standard processors and hopefully soon we'll have quad cores to use.
And what would be in its place?
So a regular SSD and soldered RAM? Eh all right. I just hope they eventually move to 8 GB standard. 4 is low enough for 10.8 let alone the eventual 10.9
The rMBP is quite thin in its own right, so I view it as an Air-like model because it doesn't have a discrete GPU. Pro to me means you have a little bit more horsepower in it. You would also have a slower quad-core processor in it, maybe a 35W. I don't actually view it as an Air. Hopefully that makes sense.
No definitely not a ULV processor, it has to be a normal quad core processor.
If they launch a 15" retina MacBook Pro with just integrated graphics at $1,499 that would count as an "Air" model in my view.
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