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So have the classic 15" be integrated only? I wouldn't mind that with a price drop.
Now the question is how much video memory the 15" MBP and even the iMac have with the new cards. Hopefully none of them have 512 MB and the MBP has 2 GB somewhere.
According to nVidia, the 750M is supposed to be 6.5x faster than the Intel HD 4000. We'll see how it fares next to Haswell.
You think I'm just going to go back to Windows? I've only experienced the Mac platform for what will be two years in October.
I won't quit on Apple if they cut the mini and I probably will find something I like but I'm not sold on the iMac right now because I like the mini form factor. We'll see though. I have a feeling Apple will find a way to adjust to my preferences.
We're arguing back and forth yet no one has produced sales figures. Sure Apple doesn't produce commercials for anything except the iStuff and the retina MacBook Pro though what about the iMac? Is that a poor seller?
I feel we're having two extremes here. One is saying, the Mac mini is gone the other is saying it's staying long term. I think there will be a middle ground. The mini will probably be around for a few more years and then something will change.
Let's continue to debate a possible integrated only 15" rMBP. How much would you price it at? This is important because if you were to introduce it, I think $1,800 is too much. Of course suppose it was introduced and you had the 13" base at $1,199, the upgraded 13" at $1,499, the base 15" at $1,799, the base discrete at $1,999, and the high end discrete at $2,199. For the $2,199 model, whatever graphics card is put in, there needs to be an option for maxed out graphics...
Though would you feel the consumer Mac Pro (or let's call it the Mac) would get smaller?
I would be game for that wizard. I love the mini though if they were planning a new consumer desktop, that might be interesting.
New Posts  All Forums: