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Just another reason to love the fall in addition to football season. : )
Oh apparently Apple beat their earnings expectations but Tim Cook still is a bad CEO boooooooooo!
That have the same power? So basically, I am going to be playing say Diablo III on a tablet?
Really old games, sure.
And what will be in their place?And kill the 11" MacBook Air? All right then, game on.
I sure hope not and I think it would be a terrible idea. 15" should be reserved for pro notebooks only even if you don't consider the 15" rMBP a true notebook for professionals.
hmm - The SSD for me was a lot more difficult to replace because I couldn't get it to fit correctly. I did get it to attach to the SATA port but not to fit in just right.
The mini is easy as hell to upgrade the memory on, those who broke the clips were careless. Don't get me wrong, you have to be careful with the clips though if you follow the OWC video, you should be fine.The SSD I feel is another matter but the only reason I didn't pay Apple's price in 2011 is because they were charging $600 for a 256 GB SSD and a year later they cut that price in half.
That's more for the other thread. : P If it stays the way it is, memory isn't an issue since even with DDR3 memory prices going up, it will still be cheaper to upgrade yourself vs. upgrading with Apple. The SSD just needs to have a 512 GB option perhaps at $400 and drop the 256 GB option to $200 from $300.
What I wonder is whether there will be as much fanfare on the Rev. B edition of the retina MacBook Pro as there was when it was introduced. Certainly the discrete graphics won't be too much of an improvement until next year with nVidia's Maxwell series. I still am going to lock horns with Marvin (I believe it was him) on the idea of a 15" rMBP with just integrated graphics. The cost needs to go down and the graphics are not ready no matter what Intel claims. I stand by...
New Posts  All Forums: