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Interesting to see that they kill off the 15" cMBP for $1,999 though happy to see that the 13" retina now starts at $1,499. Edit: I see now they changed it into a BTO option. My fault. I like that.
Well I'm thinking the current i7 quad-cores that are revealed as of now can be put into the Mini no? GT3 graphics as well?
I agree with you wizard however what I am trying to manage is to see what parts can go into the Mini that Apple would most likely put in. I am thinking within their closed ecosystem and not being open-minded.
So yeah if I'm on stage in front of everyone, I'm saying the following. We have decided to reposition the Mac mini to specifically a quad-core machine. The dual-core machine is going away. $699 gets you i7-4800MQ at 2.7 GHz (option for i7-4900MQ at 2.8 GHz) 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM (option for 16 GB) Intel HD 4600 1 TB HDD (options for 1 TB Fusion, 256 GB SSD, or 512 GB SSD) $899 gets you i7-4800MQ at 2.7 GHz (option for i7-4900MQ at 2.8 GHz) 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM (option...
Let me throw this out there... does anyone see the possibility of a 37W quad-core going into the $599 Mac mini? I forgot if I mentioned this already. Would you kill off the dual-core and keep only one quad-core and the "server" model? Dare I say drop the regular quad-core by $100?
We sure are. The 650M has a max of 2 GB and I think by default the $2,799 should have had that if I already didn't make that clear in previous posts. So when the nVidia 700M series is released (740M and up) I hope they have at least one model with the max amount of memory on the best card that can be handled.If that is a 750M, put 2 GB in there. If it is 4 GB, perhaps include that as an option but I doubt that is possible. I had a friend who did tell me that you need to be...
I want at least an option for the max amount of memory to be available in the next retina MacBook Pro. If not for (what is now) the $2,199 model than (what is now) the $2,799 model. You have the iMac with the top card available in it, there is no excuse to only have 1 GB in the next MacBook Pro as with last time.
I heard the 27" Thunderbolt monitors aren't even that great given their price so they should work on those before introducing another one to the lineup. Let me get some thoughts from others: Is a redesign possible in 2013?
Incorrect. I don't think the Mac mini is getting a redesign for 2013. I think if it is going to get a redesign, it will begin in 2014 when Intel releases it's 14nm Broadwell processors. The Mac mini will be the last of Apple computers to receive soldered on flash storage in opinion.
The Fusion drive is probably the future. They probably won't add flash storage smaller than 768 GB although the price will eventually decrease I hope.I don't think the Mac mini is getting a redesign until Broadwell hits if even then. If they do offer soldered flash storage on the mini and the size is acceptable (512 GB), I may have to go for it. I think they are still going to use plain drives though.
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