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Competition is fierce yes but Apple was bound to crash sooner or later. No one stays that high for that long. Think sports with the Cowboys, 49ers, or even the Yankees. Cannot wait until June. Haswell will actually give me something to look forward to.
The big concern is the base mini and what options it will have as I see it. As long as the mid-mini keeps the quad-core processor, all will be fine.
Bump. Thoughts on the next retina MacBook Pro? Anyone?
I almost feel as though I am running out steam for this at least on the mini side so let me switch over to the iMac and hit back upon a subject I had asked upon before and that is graphics memory. Does Apple finally leave the MB territory with at least more than one model and go into the GB territory? Between 2007 and into 2009, we got from 128 MB eventually into 512 MB discrete whether it be standard or CTO and this is going back all the way to GDDR3. Late to 2009 to...
I was just thinking onboard flash as in the Air, rMBP, and I guess the 27" iMac.
When do we see flash storage come to the mini? Next year?
My result won't paste for me so I'll tell that that I am a Libertarian leaned towards liberal which is about what I expected.
The thing is, I like the idea of an xMac and I don't want to shoot it down. I just want to kind of fence myself in and draw up what I think will most likely be in the next model mini and also the iMac. I would love to set my expectations as high as possible and have them met or exceeded though if I do that, I will walk away very disappointed.
Perhaps I am describing myself the wrong way. On a gas gauge, if E is Liberal and F is Conservative, I would like to believe that I am over half but below 3/4, so I have come to the conclusion that I am Libertarian. Moderate would be 1/2. If that makes sense.
Interesting to see that they kill off the 15" cMBP for $1,999 though happy to see that the 13" retina now starts at $1,499. Edit: I see now they changed it into a BTO option. My fault. I like that.
New Posts  All Forums: