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I have to read all of your posts more thoroughly to really digest them but if I buy an iMac it will be with my money only and for me only, not to share. : P My current mini has an SSD in it (Samsung 470) so it flies for basic use. I still have plenty of time to decide.
I know I will be buying a mini this year because I want one and I will probably give my old one to my mother since she wants a computer herself. I will probably purchase a quad core i7 mini with an SSD and expect it to come with the HD4600 or GT2 graphics which will be a nice jump over my dual core i5 with HD3000 graphics. As for the iMac, I don't know what is going to happen there. To me, they need to increase the standard video memory for me to consider purchasing...
Ouch, so much for that. Well whatever the best graphics card that can fit in a specific computer is, please max out the memory. It's the least one can ask for. Right?
Couldn't have said it better myself.
I think $4k is an obscene price to pay for a laptop. As it is the high-end 15" retina at $2,799 is too much.To me the 17" retina if it existed should be no more than $3k, have 768 GB flash minimum with an option for 1 TB, 32 GB of RAM, and 2 GB of the 680MX.I mean if we're going to throw things out there, let's set a realistic price.
Then they are undercutting sales of those models I feel.
Let's say Apple did have a 17" rMBP, what would you want in it TL to separate it from the 15" and how much would you price it at?
I am hoping that Apple would never consider putting integrated graphics in anything more than the base model 21.5" iMac and even then, discrete graphics should be a BTO option. GT3e or not, not at $1,299. $999 yes.
That sounds accurate, though I want it out now. So ecstatic! : (
They could do a better job yes and if not this year then hopefully next year there will be a quad-core in the base model.
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