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You have to play the component lottery again? Ugh, that I hate about Apple.Could it be though that the higher capacity SSDs are from Samsung and the others the lower ones from Samdisk?
They might have offered a 37W quad core chip but I guess they didn't want to offer Intel HD 4600 only Iris Pro to not confuse people with Intel's numbering system of Intel HD 5000, Iris 5100, and Iris Pro 5200.
I have the Samsung 470 which is a SATA II SSD despite the fact that the 2011 Mac mini has a SATA III interface and I can tell you I would never ever go back to HDDs.
I would go for 16 GB of memory and an SSD if you can afford it. You will have a computer for the next 3+ years possibly in that case.
Somehow I feel that even if Apple offered a quad-core Iris Pro mini, people still would not be content and demand discrete graphics. If discrete graphics were in the mini, people would say the graphics used are not good enough. That aside, I am glad that in my 2011 mini, I got to change the RAM myself (went from 2 GB to 8 GB) however am I the only one who feels $200 is not that high of a price to play for the 16 GB upgrade? The SSD I had a bit more trouble with. I missed...
I hope this means you take advantage of CTO options if you need them. For example, if you're going to get a few years out of this iMac I would at least recommend the M295X at minimum as well as flash storage though that is not required.
I can't wait for Intel to start releasing the main mobile Broadwell processors. I would definitely like to see what's in store for the mini down the line if they upgrade it again.
It will be a while before I'm able to purchase one and I'd rather wait for Yosemite to have a few versions behind it before I take the plunge. I am not happy with the soldered RAM but it's not a deal killer because the processors can handle 16 GB of RAM and that's the max that's offered via Apple. Also 16 GB of 1600 MHz at Crucial is almost $200 so Apple's price is not extreme. I wanted a PCIe SSD and they gave me that and 256 GB is fine for me. I'm using a 128 GB Samsung...
I would guess March or April.
They have to have some things to reveal for next year, right? I can't wait for Intel to start flowing with the Broadwell processors and that we maybe see a keynote from Apple in February.
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