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I guess what I mean to say is what is comparable specs wise. From what I have seen from Lenovo, they don't really match up. GPU is very important to me yes but an alternative I was looking at was something sort of like this. http://www.thebookpc.com/product-p/de7200.htm
What's a good alternative to the mini if Apple quit on it?
I don't know when Broadwell quad-core mobile processors are coming out let alone Skylake quad-core mobile either. The only thing they could really do is silently update to a GTX 950M with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory. They also need to update the 27" iMacs with the max memory for nVidia graphics cards as well.
Possible silent update to 950M?
Somehow I find this to be more of an appropriate response because it's looking at an overall view. I honestly don't know how I'll adjust my buying of Macs. I don't really want a PC (although I like the Intel NUC) and I just recently upgraded to Yosemite (after skipping Mountain Lion and Mavericks) and I like it. The finder icon I don't like as much but that's so minor. The mini is perfect for my needs but we'll have to see.
Bring on the Broadwell and Skylake minis. It's going to be awesome. Intel has fit Iris 6100 into a 15 watt chip formerly in a 28 watt chip. Integrated graphics is still nowhere near where discrete graphics is but it's getting better and better each year.
So now we have two people taking a dump on my thread? I thought marv was enough. To me, take the iMac improvements to the iMac thread. Let me enjoy my fantasy of the mini.
Yeah no... I agree on lowering the price of the base iMac but not scrapping the mini. Sorry.
Well the base mini won't be so bad now with Iris graphics. Unfortunately I don't see Apple giving the mini a quad-core processor unless there's something less than 35 W.
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