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I don't even understand the need for the entry level iMac. The $1,299 iMac WAS an entry level machine and you can get it for the price of entry level iMac now in the refurbished store.
http://fudzilla.com/news/processors/37342-skylake-s-desktop-coming-by-october What are they talking about with 35W parts for the iMac? Also it would make sense to just jump to Skylake with the iMac would it not or is there enough Broadwell options?
I'd get 32 GB if it was allowed but right now I can only have that on the 27" iMac.
Did you get 16 GB of RAM? If you didn't, you should have.
Once Apple announced a new Mac mini last October, it sort of satisfied my hunger temporarily. Of course my interest peaked up once again when the new 13" rMBP came out because you have faster memory, faster PCIe SSDs, and faster integrated graphics.
Yep it's Winter with yet another Mac mini thread. Let me first say that I am planning to buy a 2014 Mac mini towards the end of the year if they do not release a Broadwell version. After four years, it is time to move on from Sandy Bridge and Mac OS X Lion which has served me well. Now here's the thing, I wonder if Apple will even release a Broadwell version, wait until Skylake, or possibly move on altogether. Here's my situation. I need 16 GB of RAM and (at least) a 256...
I remember reading that Steve Jobs did not want to rely on AMD and nVidia for better graphics performance. I forget where I read it.
I agree. I love the strides Intel is making and glad that Apple pushed them to that level. I hope Intel keeps making these strides and never stops as long as it possible so that nVidia and AMD only are ahead of the pack with hardcore gamer notebooks.
I am not surprised in the slightest about this and am glad it happened. Apple had the chance to fix this problem before it reached this point and they didn't so now a judge will force them to.
That makes me beyond stoked. I can have everything I want. People will no longer be able to snicker and say you can't game on a Mac because you will most certainly can. And thanks to Apple for lighting a fire under Intel for doing so.
New Posts  All Forums: