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My result won't paste for me so I'll tell that that I am a Libertarian leaned towards liberal which is about what I expected.
The thing is, I like the idea of an xMac and I don't want to shoot it down. I just want to kind of fence myself in and draw up what I think will most likely be in the next model mini and also the iMac. I would love to set my expectations as high as possible and have them met or exceeded though if I do that, I will walk away very disappointed.
Perhaps I am describing myself the wrong way. On a gas gauge, if E is Liberal and F is Conservative, I would like to believe that I am over half but below 3/4, so I have come to the conclusion that I am Libertarian. Moderate would be 1/2. If that makes sense.
Interesting to see that they kill off the 15" cMBP for $1,999 though happy to see that the 13" retina now starts at $1,499. Edit: I see now they changed it into a BTO option. My fault. I like that.
Well I'm thinking the current i7 quad-cores that are revealed as of now can be put into the Mini no? GT3 graphics as well?
I agree with you wizard however what I am trying to manage is to see what parts can go into the Mini that Apple would most likely put in. I am thinking within their closed ecosystem and not being open-minded.
So yeah if I'm on stage in front of everyone, I'm saying the following. We have decided to reposition the Mac mini to specifically a quad-core machine. The dual-core machine is going away. $699 gets you i7-4800MQ at 2.7 GHz (option for i7-4900MQ at 2.8 GHz) 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM (option for 16 GB) Intel HD 4600 1 TB HDD (options for 1 TB Fusion, 256 GB SSD, or 512 GB SSD) $899 gets you i7-4800MQ at 2.7 GHz (option for i7-4900MQ at 2.8 GHz) 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM (option...
Let me throw this out there... does anyone see the possibility of a 37W quad-core going into the $599 Mac mini? I forgot if I mentioned this already. Would you kill off the dual-core and keep only one quad-core and the "server" model? Dare I say drop the regular quad-core by $100?
We sure are. The 650M has a max of 2 GB and I think by default the $2,799 should have had that if I already didn't make that clear in previous posts. So when the nVidia 700M series is released (740M and up) I hope they have at least one model with the max amount of memory on the best card that can be handled.If that is a 750M, put 2 GB in there. If it is 4 GB, perhaps include that as an option but I doubt that is possible. I had a friend who did tell me that you need to be...
I want at least an option for the max amount of memory to be available in the next retina MacBook Pro. If not for (what is now) the $2,199 model than (what is now) the $2,799 model. You have the iMac with the top card available in it, there is no excuse to only have 1 GB in the next MacBook Pro as with last time.
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