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The Fusion drive is probably the future. They probably won't add flash storage smaller than 768 GB although the price will eventually decrease I hope.I don't think the Mac mini is getting a redesign until Broadwell hits if even then. If they do offer soldered flash storage on the mini and the size is acceptable (512 GB), I may have to go for it. I think they are still going to use plain drives though.
I keep forgetting to add this. I meant do they include a 512 GB SSD as a possible BTO option or do they stay at a max of 256 GB?
750 GB I could see happening and I think is long overdue. Intel HD 4600 across the board? 512 GB single SSD possibility?
Do you think they will upgrade to a normal 1 TB HDD standard for the base model or is that asking too much?
1 TB Fusion Drive being added to the base model mini as a BTO option? Yes? No? You have to figure that they'll at least upgrade from a 500 GB HDD to a 1 TB HDD at 5,400 rpm even if the option were not to be added right? Do they upgrade the SSD options by the time the next one comes out? Maybe a 1 TB Fusion, 256 GB SSD, and 512 GB SSD for the one model and for the server you get two 1 TB HDDs and 2x256 GB SSDs 2x512 GB SSDs are options?
The only issue with the iMac is the graphics memory in my opinion. At least have 1 GB for the "low-end" 27"
Are LGs panels really as bad as people say?
Is Apple limiting LG as a display supplier and moving towards Sharp?
I actually do play quite a bit of games (not the latest but a few) plus I'll be ready to recycle my current Mac mini once the new one hits later this year. 1 year is too short, 2 years is just right... your mileage may vary say if you bought a $2,000+ MBP, iMac, or Mac Pro but for a Mini it's perfect if of course you choose to.
The xMac should also have 32 GB of RAM I take it right? Now are you going to make a model with a good graphics card like the ultimate iMac?
New Posts  All Forums: