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Well Kepler cards have 2 GB minimum and I don't see them including 2 GB in a 640M or even a 650M (except I would like it for the rMBP to drive the screen). I just wonder about not including at least an option 1 GB for the GT 650M and GTX 660M. 512 MB might be fine for a base model but even then it's kind of meh.Which iMacs sell the most? 21.5"? or 27"?Like say with the MacBook Pros, I know the classic unibody 13" was huge for them.
Do you think Apple finally gives up and allows for more video memory in their iMacs by default. Do they finally go 512 MB to 1 GB at least in the lower end 27"? I know what people are going to say or possibly say: Winter - But they want people to buy the 27" ultimate. Okay, then why have shitty versions? Cut the entry 21.5" with the 640M and make the lowest end model with 650M starting at $1,499? For $100 double the video memory.
I'm jumping ahead here but this topic is all over the place so who cares. By the time Broadwell hits, will we see DDR4 16 GB SO-DIMMS so we can have two modules = to 32 GB of memory in a mini?
Here's hoping by the time Q3 of this year hits, the Rev. B rMBP is a huge jump.
wizard69 - What I mean is they are not taking full advantage of the specs available and that is a simple issue. No excuse for not including at least an option to double the graphics memory on the $2,799 rMBP. 2 GB 650M would have been better equipped to run things on the retina display. The screen retention and HDMI issues however are another matter. Also include better CTO options.
Apple needs to stop using Rev. A products as write-offs though. They need to be a bit better in my opinion for the cost. Or perhaps the 13" retina should have been introduced first.
Can you show me sales figures of all Apple machines? Just how bad are mini sales? Bad enough that it could be canceled soon?
Bump again. I'd like to hear someone either agreeing or disagreeing with me. If you disagree, let's hear your thoughts on where the retina MBP will go?
It's a shame they can't collaborate and you have a powerful Intel chip with AMD graphics and that probably would compare to a 650M.
I'd go with the 13" Air Ultimate with 256 GB of storage and CTO 8 GB of RAM or just get an iPad. Don't go for the retina MBP until Haswell.
New Posts  All Forums: