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I actually do play quite a bit of games (not the latest but a few) plus I'll be ready to recycle my current Mac mini once the new one hits later this year. 1 year is too short, 2 years is just right... your mileage may vary say if you bought a $2,000+ MBP, iMac, or Mac Pro but for a Mini it's perfect if of course you choose to.
The xMac should also have 32 GB of RAM I take it right? Now are you going to make a model with a good graphics card like the ultimate iMac?
The processor speed might not be but the graphics will be. Also I am more than likely looking to step up from a Sandy Bridge dual-core to a Haswell quad-core so I will see a huge difference.
I am going to slightly disagree only because there are a lot of popular things people like that I personally don't like from TV shows to video games to movies. Why did Jersey Shore or Honey Boo Boo have to get green-lighted?Anyway, the problem is RPGs are so limited on the PC but plentiful on consoles. I loved Diablo I and II. They were perfect. Diablo III to me wasn't as fun and didn't live up to the hype.Now as I understand it, "GT3" from Haswell processors is going to...
This "xMac" that several of you seem to want, give me some dimensions of (height, width, volume) and what are the specs?
  Most games perform just fine with the Intel HD 3000, it's just anything involving 3D which is also an emulation issue. I can run a lot of classics including all of the Mortal Kombat games, anything Neo-Geo, Street Fighter and Street Fighter Alpha (don't know about SFIV), though stuff such as Tekken 3, Soul Calibur, etc. require some work.I have no problems with HDMI and the Intel HD 3000 (though I don't think any issues ever existed did they) and it looks best at...
The only reason I have an obsession with graphics and video card memory in general is so I can play Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legacy on MAME OS X as well as some other games such as Time Crisis. Maybe that's a CPU thing though but I know you need a better video card than Intel HD 3000.Edit: I also have an obsession with the Intel HD 4000 since there is no fix for HDMI. That being said, I kind of do have my eyes on an NEC monitor but I am too used to using my HDTV as my monitor.
At the very least, they did max out the 2 GB available to the 680MX. Also the iMac is not meant for everyone and hopefully Apple in the back of their mind will take a stance thinking that it is.
Well Kepler cards have 2 GB minimum and I don't see them including 2 GB in a 640M or even a 650M (except I would like it for the rMBP to drive the screen). I just wonder about not including at least an option 1 GB for the GT 650M and GTX 660M. 512 MB might be fine for a base model but even then it's kind of meh.Which iMacs sell the most? 21.5"? or 27"?Like say with the MacBook Pros, I know the classic unibody 13" was huge for them.
Do you think Apple finally gives up and allows for more video memory in their iMacs by default. Do they finally go 512 MB to 1 GB at least in the lower end 27"? I know what people are going to say or possibly say: Winter - But they want people to buy the 27" ultimate. Okay, then why have shitty versions? Cut the entry 21.5" with the 640M and make the lowest end model with 650M starting at $1,499? For $100 double the video memory.
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