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Is anyone making an alternative? Didn't Samsung have a similar looking device?
I just hope it comes out before Apple announces the next version of OS X so we don't get an update to the 2012 Minis with that new version.
Since we're almost at the end of the first quarter of 2014, perhaps we should start a new thread. With it, I want it to be a pure Mac mini thread. I couldn't care less about the iMac since it is not yet forgotten about.
The Air will probably merge into the Pro eventually I think because of the quality of the rMBP.
But shouldn't Apple continue to use mobile processors in the mini and not use desktop or would that be wrong?
With a Haswell refresh, the same graphics would still be used (4600, 5100 and 5200) even on new processors correct? The i5-4258U would be fine for me but I would prefer the i7-4558U even though both are dual core.
Personally I am happy with running Lion 10.7.5 however if Mavericks is completely stable for a 2011 Mac mini, I'd be willing to upgrade. Honestly though, I'd rather wait until a new mini comes out and already has the most stable Mavericks version on it. Thoughts?
I need a new mini at some point so a Haswell refresh will work for me but I thought that was only for desktops not mobile. Is there a new roadmap? I'll have to look that up.
With Intel delaying Broadwell, what does this mean for the future?
New Posts  All Forums: