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No however Apple is a big corporation so who are they fighting for? The people? The so-called "little guy"? Are they themselves worried that they're being listened to and that maybe their secrets are at risk and it affects their bottom line? Are they worried they might be breaking the law and don't want any secret conversations recorded?I don't buy that Cook is doing this without an ulterior motive. Your move.
The irony of this is Apple is asking for more transparency when they themselves as a company build themselves off of secrecy.
That's definitely not me. I did get my jacket by the way and I love it. I need more clothes for the spring though having said that, my Mac mini is turning three years old so it might be time to save up for a Mac mini and if I don't get one this year than maybe in early 2015.
They can put the Mac platform on the back burner as long as it's on a burner, if they take it off, it will be very depressing and I will lose complete interest in Apple. I would hate to have to do that.
Very happy to see this if true. It will be a while before I pick one up though.
5100 or bust for me if a Haswell mini comes out because I think expecting a 5200 would be too much. I don't want to say the 4600 is horrible but it's my money and that's my choice or else. Otherwise I'd rather they wait for Broadwell.
I think because for the price tag, they expect them to be better. That is my only explanation.Anyway, here is my deal... I bought a sweatshirt for Christmas which turned out to be kind of snug (should have bought a zip up) and today I just bought the new jacket. We'll see about whether or not I get a new Mac in the next few months.
While I am glad a new Pro came out for the customers who want one (and I'd get one if money was no object), I kind of lost my luster for Apple. My co-worker got the 2013 MacBook Air and brought it in and showed me because he knows I used to talk Apple all the time and I apologized and told him I was just very "meh" about it. While I agree a Haswell mini does have a lot to offer I'm not clamoring for it like I was six months ago.
Just go with Broadwell, simple as that. It would be unnecessary to update the Mac Pro again this year so by the time October rolls around, hopefully they'll have a new Air, MBP, iMac, and mini. They could even just make one mini model if they don't believe in it and make the higher end processors customized.
I only care about a Broadwell Mac mini. Everything else means nil to me.
New Posts  All Forums: