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Here's hoping by the time Q3 of this year hits, the Rev. B rMBP is a huge jump.
wizard69 - What I mean is they are not taking full advantage of the specs available and that is a simple issue. No excuse for not including at least an option to double the graphics memory on the $2,799 rMBP. 2 GB 650M would have been better equipped to run things on the retina display. The screen retention and HDMI issues however are another matter. Also include better CTO options.
Apple needs to stop using Rev. A products as write-offs though. They need to be a bit better in my opinion for the cost. Or perhaps the 13" retina should have been introduced first.
Can you show me sales figures of all Apple machines? Just how bad are mini sales? Bad enough that it could be canceled soon?
Bump again. I'd like to hear someone either agreeing or disagreeing with me. If you disagree, let's hear your thoughts on where the retina MBP will go?
It's a shame they can't collaborate and you have a powerful Intel chip with AMD graphics and that probably would compare to a 650M.
I'd go with the 13" Air Ultimate with 256 GB of storage and CTO 8 GB of RAM or just get an iPad. Don't go for the retina MBP until Haswell.
If I wanted discrete graphics than I would pay for discrete graphics but I think for the cost, they should offer some more options. Not having 2 GB in the 650M with the retina MacBook Pro to deal with the retina display was a mistake in my view. Haswell will be a decent step up from Ivy Bridge, Rockwell from Haswell, Skylake from Rockwell, and Skymont from Skylake.
So should Apple in your eyes go full AMD on a mini go for the combo as with the 2011 mid-range model. If so, what processor and graphics chip is feasible?
I wasn't sure if I should post this here or the Tim Cook thread. I suppose here is fine. The mini as it looks now can handle decent GPU but could it have handled it with a quad-core processor as well in that unibody design or would they have to stick with dual core as with 2011? I think if they went with the 2.9 GHz Ivy Bridge dual-core i7 (3520M), a GeForce 640M with 1 GB of memory would have been perfect. Or they could have put 512 MB in it and made 1 GB for the iMac...
New Posts  All Forums: