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Well if they included a certain quad-core processor, wouldn't the GT3 automatically be a part of it or does it work like the nVidia GeForce 320M except with Intel and its own chips.
wizard69 - Won't it be based on what processors are used in the Mini to determine what GT chip is used?
http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/30242-haswell-with-gt3-graphics-comes-in-q3-13 How could this help the mini?
>:O Why must you always question me? ;-;In all seriousness, I am happy with Intel from what I see. Having said that, I would like better graphics in the mini and I think we all would. I always have that little bit of hope that a good RPG might be released that I actually want to play. Currently RPGs that I am interested in it (only one in fact) is going to be coming out for the 3DS and in Japan so I have to import it (which I am) in order to play it.
I wouldn't be against an AMD processor run Mac mini but I wonder how long Apple's contract with Intel is for.
Bump. Okay 15" Retina MacBook Pro, possible scenario for when the prices drop slightly. Higher end 15" currently sits at $2,799 and the only difference by default is a slightly faster processor and double the amount of flash storage. Perhaps either by default (doubtable) or as a CTO option, double the graphics memory. At the very least for an extra $100, the 650M should have 2 GB instead of 1 GB for the retina screen. Thoughts?
Hold out a bit of hope but don't hold your breath. : P
But why not TS? Surely maybe they have super secret plans somewhere right TS?Anyway, I am interested in what is in store especially with the news on this:http://fudzilla.com/home/item/30242-haswell-with-gt3-graphics-comes-in-q3-13
The 15" rMBP has plenty of RAM though the 13" with it being only maxed out at 8 GB is an issue I feel.I disagree that the base Mini has enough RAM. With a dual-core Ivy Bridge processor, you can do a lot more than light web-browsing, e-mail, and Facebook. The $799 model and server model should have an option for 16 GB of RAM. I suppose in the future with soldering, make the base model only carry the option of 8 GB.I personally don't have that much of a problem with the...
The $799 and $999 minis have the BTO option to 2.6 GHz. I'm asking if that really makes a difference.
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