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I want to get into specifics though. What would be feasible with the mobile quad-core? 640M LE? 640M? 650M?
I was thinking the best they would be able to do would be the 640M LE being that the regular 640M was included in the base model iMac. If you're Apple, wizard... what do you do? Do you kill off the server model and replace it with a discrete model? Do you make one integrated and one discrete?
Oh I would love that and I think many would though you would have that absolutely HIDEOUS power brick and who would ever want that? : P But seriously, for right now... the only game I want to play on my Mac mini is Gauntlet: Dark Legacy the arcade version through MAME. I somehow feel even the base iMac could handle it but it would actually be cheaper to rent the arcade machine itself for a few days than to buy an iMac. In addition, it would have been cool to play Diablo...
Makes sense. I know it seems extraneous, though I can't wait for a Haswell mini.
http://twimages.vr-zone.net/2012/12/haswell_mobile_core-i7.png I am kind of disappointed about the slight decrease in graphics base MHz but I think that is because I don't understand Haswell even with the Anandtech article and it'll end up being far better for a reason.
You meant by Haswell time, correct? Not Rockwell?
I get that Apple wants to charge a premium but I question why at least there is not the option of doubling the VRAM available? They don't usually do anything for the base model which I guess I understand but why not the other three? Figure you up the high-end 21.5" from 512 MB of the 650M to 1 GB for $150? $150 also gets you 1 GB of the GTX 660M on the 27"? Am I wrong here?
I won't be buying an Ivy Bridge computer. I will be buying either a Haswell computer or possibly even a Rockwell computer (which might be DDR4 by that time). By then I'll either have a Mini (next year) or possibly even an iMac or Mini (2014).
Yeah I don't feel like spending the money for the 16 GB and if a 2x16 setup were possible, I probably would not take advantage until it was about as cheap as 2x8 is now.
Given that Ivy Bridge can handle a max of 32 GB of RAM, I would like to have a 2 x 16 GB setup even though I am not even using the 8 GB I have now in my 2011 Mac mini. If a 32 GB option were available for the Mac mini and 15" MacBook Pro, I can only imagine what Apple would charge for it.
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