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Hold out a bit of hope but don't hold your breath. : P
But why not TS? Surely maybe they have super secret plans somewhere right TS?Anyway, I am interested in what is in store especially with the news on this:http://fudzilla.com/home/item/30242-haswell-with-gt3-graphics-comes-in-q3-13
The 15" rMBP has plenty of RAM though the 13" with it being only maxed out at 8 GB is an issue I feel.I disagree that the base Mini has enough RAM. With a dual-core Ivy Bridge processor, you can do a lot more than light web-browsing, e-mail, and Facebook. The $799 model and server model should have an option for 16 GB of RAM. I suppose in the future with soldering, make the base model only carry the option of 8 GB.I personally don't have that much of a problem with the...
The $799 and $999 minis have the BTO option to 2.6 GHz. I'm asking if that really makes a difference.
I disagree. 16 GB is perfect and some people don't want the iMac display, they want their own. I say you can never have too much RAM.
The man has been dead for over a year and what do we get? Lawsuit news. >_>
So the extra 300MHz really makes a difference for $100?
I will give the benefit of the doubt on strong sales as they did a redesign and pre-orders probably swarmed the Apple Store website. I'll put it this way, Apple has not dropped the ball but they are dropping the ball if they don't figure out a way to fix things. Let me throw out this idea because I love bouncing random stuff off of people. 2013 Mini: Kill the dual core model and make just a regular quad-core and a "server" model. As a bonus you could drop each by $100...
Could people be going for the 21.5" iMac because the 27" iMac is taking too long? Now they are going to have to wait for a worse machine. Apple dropped the ball here but hopefully the Haswell ones will be in better supply.
I am not a fan of the HD4000 at all especially with the HDMI issues though having another subpar discrete graphics card doesn't make it worth the price vs. having none at all. I can't comment on the GT2 thing.
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