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Maybe at least offer a 1 GB option on the upgraded 21.5", leave the 512 MB for the base model alone, upgrade the GTX 660M to 1 GB, and then keep the ultimate 27" as is.
Ah so I have to use bootcamp. In the meantime, if I was a hardcore gamer the top end iMac would be the only way to go.Keep in mind this is a hypothetical situation. I am not a PC Gamer other than for Diablo (and I didn't even like how Blizzard handled III).
Yes, that is what I mean. If I want to game on my Mac Pro at the highest possible settings (because I use it for something else) can I? How are the Mac drivers?
Define for me your view of sexual morality, diet, and murder for gain.
Can the current Mac Pro keep up with the latest line of cards available now such as the GTX 680?
Don't you mean iMac?
Build me a mini with desktop components. What does it have in terms of processor, memory, graphics, etc.
No I don't feel Cook is the problem don't get me wrong. He is very low key whereas Jobs had to go on stage and be THE STAR. Cook seems to have a philosophy of "Make sure things don't get messed up." I just see they released a model called the GT 730M, what is that a rebadge of?
wizard69 - I think deep down, Cook knows he can't be Jobs so why try. He can go out there and as long as he gives half the effort, he's fine. Anyone have any idea when nVidia is revealing their next line of mobile graphics chips?
I would love to see Apple reach up and grab that brass ring. I love the Mini although I'm sure I would have eventually bought myself a MacBook Pro if I didn't get my mini in October 2011. All they need perhaps is discrete graphics as an option and it'll be perfect.
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