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I wasn't sure if I should post this here or the Tim Cook thread. I suppose here is fine. The mini as it looks now can handle decent GPU but could it have handled it with a quad-core processor as well in that unibody design or would they have to stick with dual core as with 2011? I think if they went with the 2.9 GHz Ivy Bridge dual-core i7 (3520M), a GeForce 640M with 1 GB of memory would have been perfect. Or they could have put 512 MB in it and made 1 GB for the iMac...
I was a new Mac user and the thing is I feel I have not even begun to scratch the surface of my Mac mini. I used a netbook for light web surfing and e-mail and I reached the limitations pretty easily. The mini offers a lot more in my opinion especially with the quad-core processor they put in this time around. I am most certainly buying a Haswell mini. I will try and go for a quad-core if I can afford it and if not than I will settle for a dual-core.
What should the specs be? If it's a more powerful headless desktop that you want, take what's available now and put me together a machine and a cost.Processor, memory, graphics, HDD/SSD options, etc. I love specs and I want to know what you'd price this thing at.
Yeah I kind of have to agree. Reading things on the 15" retina MacBook Pros, everyone prefers Samsung to LG for their panels.
Remember how the Haswell processors leaked back in December and you had the MX and two MQ models. Probably the CTO i7 MQ that they use for the GT3. One processor will be available with the faster graphics but most people won't know. That's my call. Thoughts?
Well if they included a certain quad-core processor, wouldn't the GT3 automatically be a part of it or does it work like the nVidia GeForce 320M except with Intel and its own chips.
wizard69 - Won't it be based on what processors are used in the Mini to determine what GT chip is used?
http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/30242-haswell-with-gt3-graphics-comes-in-q3-13 How could this help the mini?
>:O Why must you always question me? ;-;In all seriousness, I am happy with Intel from what I see. Having said that, I would like better graphics in the mini and I think we all would. I always have that little bit of hope that a good RPG might be released that I actually want to play. Currently RPGs that I am interested in it (only one in fact) is going to be coming out for the 3DS and in Japan so I have to import it (which I am) in order to play it.
I wouldn't be against an AMD processor run Mac mini but I wonder how long Apple's contract with Intel is for.
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