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I am not a fan of the HD4000 at all especially with the HDMI issues though having another subpar discrete graphics card doesn't make it worth the price vs. having none at all. I can't comment on the GT2 thing.
Is the GT 630M that much of an improvement over the Radeon 6630M? http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GT-630M.63761.0.html
Low expectations with Apple aside, if they put the same processor in the higher end Minis then it will obviously have the same graphics.
Avoid risky behaviors.
Okay I see what you are saying and you make a lot of sense. The problem that I have though is that a lot of social conservatives take what you are saying to an extreme. I have nothing against sex though I believe you should always use protection. Otherwise, the only way you avoid them is to not have sex at all and who wants to do that? I believe abortion is a last resort though I also don't believe life is a miracle. Bill Hicks said it best that childbirth is a chemical...
I would say the 680MX will last you at least 2 years if not 3 years. By then you are ready for a new computer and you're not simply throwing out your iMac. You can still probably get good money on the trading block for it.
Maybe at least offer a 1 GB option on the upgraded 21.5", leave the 512 MB for the base model alone, upgrade the GTX 660M to 1 GB, and then keep the ultimate 27" as is.
Ah so I have to use bootcamp. In the meantime, if I was a hardcore gamer the top end iMac would be the only way to go.Keep in mind this is a hypothetical situation. I am not a PC Gamer other than for Diablo (and I didn't even like how Blizzard handled III).
Yes, that is what I mean. If I want to game on my Mac Pro at the highest possible settings (because I use it for something else) can I? How are the Mac drivers?
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