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I saw that video a while back and it looks okay but I will have to see to believe it. Edit: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6600/intel-haswell-gt3e-gpu-performance-compared-to-nvidias-geforce-gt-650m
It will be interesting to see how the HD 4600 performs and whether or not they keep the current three line business model or if they go back to two as in 2010 and before.
I am going to cover the iMac a bit and hope that the next line of machines moves up the graphics. 1 GB would be nice although I could see Apple having 768 MB on at least the two 21.5" models and base 27" model. A 4 GB option for high end graphics card if it's available would be great. 1 GB base, 2 GB option for a little more, 4 GB for a little more.
Do you have the same chains in your malls that we have in America? Sears? Macy's?
I was quoting wizard's post : P
I'm still wondering if the 2012 model was a punt to get by until a redesigned Mini comes in 2013. If that's the case, then I'm okay with that. I really can't figure out what Apples issue is with the Mini and its performance and GPU support. It really seems like they only care about specific price points and don't even consider a line up that offers well defined performance differences between models. For me it is pretty obvious that the Mini should come in models...
I think it is a work of art too although I admittedly like the mini as is, it just needed a halfway decent discrete graphics chip with decent memory on the $799 model.
And I will repeat myself and say a short commercial would definitely help the mini. I would love to see it during the Super Bowl or NBA Finals.
They could add better cooling and allow for the MX processor.
At some point I feel 1 GB will be standard though by then it will not be enough, 2 GB will be standard, and 4 GB will be available as the highest end option.
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