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So what would you do with things as they are now. Three models? Two models? How do you handle it?
Brainstorming or perhaps lack thereof. Put all of the focus on the discrete model and make the high end model and make the base model $100 less. Put the server options (for HDDs and SSDs) as BTOs in the high end model.
That's weird, I could swear I made a post bolding some points that wizard69 made on my predictions for the 2013 Mini. Anyway, I will keep what I said before brief since I'm too lazy to type it again. - Perhaps kill the server model unless it is a big seller. - Make 8 GB of RAM the standard for the $799 model (I'd like to see it as well for $599 model but Apple would never do it) - Discrete graphics in the $799 model with at least 512 MB or even 1 GB although Apple would...
I agree with this 100%.
All right... for the Mini Base - Dual core/4 GB RAM/Intel HD 4600/500 GB HDD Upgraded - Higher dual core or quad core/4 GB RAM/Intel HD 4600/1 TB HDD Server - Quad core/4 GB RAM/Intel HD 4600/2x1 TB HDD I'm hoping at least the upgraded has discrete graphics though no cards are out so I can't predict the card to be used. iMac I need to see the cards nVidia releases before I judge there too.
Although you have to believe that by 2015, 512 GB flash drives will be standard with an option for 1 TB or more.
This is continued from the mini/iMac wishlist topic but I want to keep them separated. Can we all pretty much agree that the retina MacBook Pro is the future and that eventually the unibody MacBook Pro is going away. So it would eventually look like this in about 2-3 years or so. Base 13" retina: $1,199 Higher-end 13" retina: $1,499 Base 15" retina: $1,799 Higher-end 15" retina: $1,999 I still don't feel that the 15" retinas should have integrated graphics. They need...
Apple doesn't need to have any magic or be special. The hell with that garbage and the hell with your "woe is me" post. All they need to do is take advantage of putting the best technology into their products and making it all work in one nice little package. There was no magic to begin with, it was all a reality distortion field. No one can top Steve Jobs but to say that Cook is awful is flat out garbage. Cook is to Steve Young as Steve Jobs is to Joe Montana. As long as...
I'd be really disappointed if Apple put in an integrated GPU in the 15" retina. Maybe for the next gen for discrete cards, you do 1 GB on the base model and the option to double it on the higher end model or have double the VRAM as standard.
So is the 640M a more fair guess?
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