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They should have added the Fusion drive to the base model and cut the cost to $200 on the quad-core model. Leave the plain solid state at $300.
Don't you think they would sell more Minis for example if they ran a sporadic ad or two?
So I see commercials for the new retina MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone? Why are there no commercials for the iMac or Mac mini? Certain commercials could help drive sales, could they not? Curious to see what AI thinks.
As long there always is an entry level machine offered my Apple be it the Mini or otherwise or a higher performing Mini type machine, I'll be happy.
Do you think that will happen sooner rather than later or not for at least say five years?
I may have misread this though are you saying there will be no soldered RAM or there will be?
We are focusing quite a bit on the mini so I thought I would mention the iMac as well. I forget if I sent feedback to Apple or not, though I would like to at least have user replaceable RAM back even if it's only two slots instead of four. I also hope they start making 1 GB of RAM standard for video cards and stop with the 512 MB. Go for 1 GB minimum across the board and then on the ultimate, 2 GB with a BTO of 4 GB if it's available.
It will be very interesting to see what Intel has in the pipeline with Haswell next year and Rockwell the following year. This could impact how things work with the ARM chips. I have faith in Apple but I'll be paying close attention.
Neat, I will be looking forward to that.
I did actually although I went with the minimum of what I expect to happen. While I would love a real GPU in the Mini, I don't think they'll do it. So just allow me at the very least to change my own RAM, and perhaps make the SSD standard or as easy to change as the original uMBP.
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