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Looking forward to having a Mac made in the US. Now all I need is for a TV or monitor to be made here and I'm set.
How much of an improvement will the 4600 be over the 3000?
Yes, Broadwell used to be known as Rockwell. It will be the successor to Haswell and start the 14nm process.
Wow that was a fast response. : P Yeah I honestly don't want it to get any thinner until they have onboard flash storage. I don't see that happening until Broadwell or worse possibly into Skylake or even Skymont.
Do you have enough pessimism that they wouldn't offer at least a dual-core i7 (being that the i7 has hyperthreading) as a BTO as they did in 2011?
Do you now expect integrated graphics in all three models? Do they revert back to dual-core/discrete as with 2011? Do they dare try and use dual-core/integrated on the $799 model? This is Apple don't forget.
Maybe things will change as time goes on in the Tim Cook era. I wonder if there is a specific group that decides what goes into what. They have to run tests for certain kinds of things.
Unfortunately, which I brought up in another topic, Apple doesn't exactly make the iMac very desirable to buy either except for ultimate model due to the lack of a VRAM upgrade option. I agree with you though Intel is moving in the right direction and I am excited to see what is in store in the forthcoming year.
I want to get into specifics though. What would be feasible with the mobile quad-core? 640M LE? 640M? 650M?
I was thinking the best they would be able to do would be the 640M LE being that the regular 640M was included in the base model iMac. If you're Apple, wizard... what do you do? Do you kill off the server model and replace it with a discrete model? Do you make one integrated and one discrete?
New Posts  All Forums: