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Oh I would love that and I think many would though you would have that absolutely HIDEOUS power brick and who would ever want that? : P But seriously, for right now... the only game I want to play on my Mac mini is Gauntlet: Dark Legacy the arcade version through MAME. I somehow feel even the base iMac could handle it but it would actually be cheaper to rent the arcade machine itself for a few days than to buy an iMac. In addition, it would have been cool to play Diablo...
Makes sense. I know it seems extraneous, though I can't wait for a Haswell mini.
http://twimages.vr-zone.net/2012/12/haswell_mobile_core-i7.png I am kind of disappointed about the slight decrease in graphics base MHz but I think that is because I don't understand Haswell even with the Anandtech article and it'll end up being far better for a reason.
You meant by Haswell time, correct? Not Rockwell?
I get that Apple wants to charge a premium but I question why at least there is not the option of doubling the VRAM available? They don't usually do anything for the base model which I guess I understand but why not the other three? Figure you up the high-end 21.5" from 512 MB of the 650M to 1 GB for $150? $150 also gets you 1 GB of the GTX 660M on the 27"? Am I wrong here?
I won't be buying an Ivy Bridge computer. I will be buying either a Haswell computer or possibly even a Rockwell computer (which might be DDR4 by that time). By then I'll either have a Mini (next year) or possibly even an iMac or Mini (2014).
Yeah I don't feel like spending the money for the 16 GB and if a 2x16 setup were possible, I probably would not take advantage until it was about as cheap as 2x8 is now.
Given that Ivy Bridge can handle a max of 32 GB of RAM, I would like to have a 2 x 16 GB setup even though I am not even using the 8 GB I have now in my 2011 Mac mini. If a 32 GB option were available for the Mac mini and 15" MacBook Pro, I can only imagine what Apple would charge for it.
How do you figure? RAM speed is different from RAM capacity. I have seen 16 GB DIMMS though not SODIMMS.
The mere thought of that makes me want that so much.
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