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The mere thought of that makes me want that so much.
You will probably not see 16 GB SODIMMS until DDR4.
Yeah for now, your Mac Pro is better than the Mini but in 2013 or 2014, start to take a look.
Back then yes, though as time goes on it will vary but most likely point towards no. The mini keeps taking big strides.
When you consider that it can take up to 16 GB of RAM, has a quad-core processor with using hyper-threading with 4 physical cores and 4 virtual ones for a total of 8, I wouldn't doubt it.Graphics do need an improvement though and I see good things coming ahead with Haswell and Rockwell depending on the computer's future.
Is the 630M worse than HD4000 how about 640M?
Agreed with this although I am curious as to why there is no discrete option in the 13" rMBP and I hope that changes in future models though it probably won't. Perhaps it won't need to with graphics improving.
There seems to be a lot of leaks out of Intel. I think they are controlled of some sort unless their security is that lax. The other thing I wonder is why the graphics are called 4600 and not 5000?
Nothing can be perfect. If Apple helps brings jobs back here. I'll be happy.
I'm happy with the quad-core mini now. I just wish they would add for options for the dual-core one including at least fusion drive and/or SSD.
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