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I go to one chat that still uses Java once a week through Safari. I just disabled Java though if I enable Java temporarily, am I at risk. Just curious.
If Apple makes half of their products in the US or even 1/4, it is a start and will help get things moving in this stagnant economy.
It's about damn time. While I realize not everything can be made in America, I am so sick of seeing nearly everything from clothes to toys to tools being made or assembled in China. America has almost an 8% unemployment rate and while we can debate why that is, let's get a strong manufacturing base back here at home. Made in the USA used to mean something and let's get it back to meaning something. Sorry to be harsh but for those that don't care about where your stuff...
No way! 100% disagree. Does it need more for the cost? Yes absolutely no question. If I can get 2-3 years out of the 2011 Mac mini that I have now, I feel that's good.I don't want the Mini to be made any thinner but perhaps you give the $599 model (which hopefully it stays at or decreases) a dual-core i7 and then give the others quad-core i7s as before. Integrated graphics are becoming better on Intel's part though it is a shame they are not including a discrete GPU in at...
I'll go with when 2014. Retina is the future, kill the internal DVD drive, but perhaps gluing the battery and not allowing RAM to be replaced was crazy. So yeah when the Rockwell model is rolled out and by then it'll be time tested.
This is what I like to hear. One big online store might not necessarily be the case though but a boom of e-commerce with multiple stores would be great.I just don't like the fact (and it's not just China) that with so many people out of work, we are allowing third-world countries to make things for us when we can do it ourselves and get things going again. Michael Moore (I know he's a fat tub of lard) was interviewing Phil Knight, the CEO of Nike, who believes Americans...
Quality is important yes. Are there a lot of things made in the Netherlands?My main thing is jobs. I want the economy in America to thrive and if not enough is made here, it will continue to stall.
While I get the full flash and RAM upgrade prices are ridiculous, I am very impressed with the doubling of graphics memory. I think (and I don't care what anyone says) that $150 is very fair.
I would be for that even though I love the current option. My only concern would be cooling though with the smaller nm process, it would be fine.
How long do you figure it takes for a Mac mini redesign? I like the way it is now though knowing Apple, I think it is only a matter of time before it gets smaller and/or thinner.
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