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Whatever happens with the Mac Pro, mini, and iMac in the near future is anyone's guess though I feel I won't be disappointed no matter what the result is. It's about evolution. Edit: This is not a good thought process to have though. http://fudzilla.com/home/item/29247-arm-is-just-another-transmeta-claims-intel
So what GPU could have been used for it that would have done the trick.Yeah I got lucky. I had to refresh several times as either the quality dropped from HD or it froze a bit but it went pretty well and beat having to follow the text on a site. Soon after my nap, I got up checked the Apple Store and saw the updated specs. Made my day.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Bridge-E Video cards, I need time to look at as well.
I thought Marvin made a typo although that does bring into point a quote by Anandtech."Within 8 years many expect all mainstream computing to move to smartphones, or whatever other ultra portable form factor computing device we're carrying around at that point. To put it in perspective, you'll be able to get something faster than an Ivy Bridge Ultrabook or MacBook Air, in something the size of your smartphone, in fewer than 8 years. The problem from Intel's perspective is...
There are many posts I could reply to though the one that caught my eye was Marvin's. You think they should discontinue it after 2013? I'm curious why.
I'm not sure what to say then. I don't think it's dead though if it is not for is only paying attention to the pro-sumer market, how do you revive this machine? Can they fix FCP? Do they just need to look for people?
Hmm interesting. So tell me about Apple's mark in the professional market with regards to video. If they are so bad, how smooth were things over the years? (not a rhetorical question, just genuinely curious) Oh and spend some money on advertising for it. Make it noticeable. Just a few ads here and there. They did one for the PowerMac G5 and I'm almost certain they did at least one Mac Pro ad.
Make things compatible with the latest technology as soon as it comes out is the best way I can describe it. So when AMD or nVidia release a new video card, make it a no. 1 priority that there are compatible and stable drivers. Hopefully that makes sense. In addition it might be a good idea to add those video card options fairly soon after they come out to the available BTO options once the drivers are updated and working. I might be asking for a lot though. ^^;
I said this before and I will say it again, Apple can most definitely not kill the Mac Pro. They do need to build it back up though. It reminds me in the sense of a football team that maybe won a Super Bowl several years ago but hasn't done anything since (or for everyone else when your country wins the World Cup and then doesn't win it again for maybe the next 12 years). They need to set aside a team that can give their full undivided attention to it and make it into a...
I am ecstatic about what the Mac Pro will bring. I can almost guarantee though there will be much disappointment by some just like with everything. Though they do need to update it more frequently.
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