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That's great for the workers and all though if it weren't for the flack Apple was getting, it wouldn't really matter suffice to say.
This is off topic but Dark Legacy is a fairly old game. The problem is that the PS2 version is not quite like the arcade version and there is a pit inside me that wants to play it. It is a decent game though and even the Gamecube and original Xbox versions aren't terrible. I completed it's predecessor known as Gauntlet Legends and the versions released on PS1, N64, and Dreamcast (with Dreamcast being the best of the three) are vastly inferior to the...
As long as they are not disinterested enough that they cancel the machine, I am happy.
I know it seems extraneous though right now my only concern (and it is a minor one) is to be able to play Gauntlet Dark Legacy on MAME and then maybe a few other games if they happen to appear interesting. There might be some other things I do with my mini besides just use it to browse the internet, listen to music, etc. that regular peon consumers do. I want to take the next step though I need a solid interest and I haven't found it yet. The 2012 offerings while decent...
Oh yeah definitely. It probably wouldn't make sour on Apple (no pun intended) but it would mean I'd have to get a more expensive machine which I really wouldn't want to do. I am glad I have my mini now instead of waiting a year.I wonder if Apple will eventually go back to AMD or use an nVidia discrete card if Intel fails them with their drivers. Then again Apple has issues at times with their drivers so them criticising Intel is a pot calling the kettle black issue.
Yeah you can mix though honestly I would consider going to 16 or 32 GB. RAM is dirt cheap right now so just get 4 x 4 GB from Crucial or so.
It has changed a bit cosmetically though difficult to navigate? Please. The only thing that might make it a bit easier is a more direct link such as store . apple . com /imac/order . html or something instead of php or whatever they're using now.
Looking forward to having a Mac made in the US. Now all I need is for a TV or monitor to be made here and I'm set.
How much of an improvement will the 4600 be over the 3000?
Yes, Broadwell used to be known as Rockwell. It will be the successor to Haswell and start the 14nm process.
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