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I feel the base mini should have a few more BTO options. I know Apple wants people to buy the higher priced models but that sort of defeats the purpose of a lower model.
I know this might seem like an oxymoron if I'm looking for the best, though what is the least expensive "best" NEC monitor. Their brand intrigues me.
Commercials. I'm telling you right now that a commercial for the Mac mini would work. Call me crazy but I'd be willing to throw the dice. I would actually be willing to gamble $4 million or whatever it costs on a Super Bowl commercial just to generate some buzz.
Hmm... so does this mean to remain in pace with Apple, am I going to have to own a notebook? I am curious what I am going to be doing. Is Apple bold enough (dare I say dumb enough) under the Tim Cook era to abandon a budget machine? I don't have an argument to the contrary as to what they replace it with but what do you figure they even do? Air? MBP? iMac? Maybe I'm being hopelessly optimistic but I see the mini as a perfect form factor machine. The MP I am unsure of...
I voted for Gary Johnson simply because I did not care for either Obama nor Romney and I didn't want to spend another election day sitting home.
I agree with the latter two above points. The new mini we'll see.
I just mean with the size. I would like to see onboard flash and the return of discrete graphics to play games at medium resolution. I just am not necessarily on the whole thin and light bandwagon. That is not an improvement in my view. Work first on the inside THEN work on the outside.
Indeed, both good points. With popularity comes a downside.
That's great for the workers and all though if it weren't for the flack Apple was getting, it wouldn't really matter suffice to say.
This is off topic but Dark Legacy is a fairly old game. The problem is that the PS2 version is not quite like the arcade version and there is a pit inside me that wants to play it. It is a decent game though and even the Gamecube and original Xbox versions aren't terrible. I completed it's predecessor known as Gauntlet Legends and the versions released on PS1, N64, and Dreamcast (with Dreamcast being the best of the three) are vastly inferior to the...
New Posts  All Forums: