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I would guess March or April.
They have to have some things to reveal for next year, right? I can't wait for Intel to start flowing with the Broadwell processors and that we maybe see a keynote from Apple in February.
No point in doing so if they have the same specs as the 15" don't you think?
They didn't update it last year. They updated it last in 2012. They added another TB port this time around. Iris Pro wouldn't have happened I don't think. Could you have given it HD4600 GT2 with a quad core processor maybe?
How would you have updated the mini?
Maybe it wasn't that they were lazy but that they were focusing all of their efforts on the timing controller for the retina iMac?
Yeah personally I like the update though when someone has the opposite opinion I like to delve into the possibility. That's why I couldn't understand why you saying I have it backwards because I wasn't complaining. I want a new mini. Give me the 256 GB PCIe SSD and 16 GB RAM and I'm happy.
But could they have if they wanted to? I am of the belief that graphics were more important equal to processing power.
So now that I got my mini, I will shut up about that. I must move onto the 2015 Retina MacBook Pro. The processors that are most important that I care about are supposed to be out around late Q1 2015 though possibly could go into mid-late Q2 2015. So what are we looking at? I expect the 13" will get Iris 6100 and the 15" will get Iris Pro 6200 though do they stay with nVidia or go to AMD? How about the iMac? nVidia or AMD?
Would using an i7 with Iris Pro undercut the sales of the 21.5" iMac with Iris Pro? Probably. Would it have made more sense to offer an i7 with HD4600?
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